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Why Contact Speech Language Pathology




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A communication problem may affect a student’s academic and social development; throughout the school day, a child must listen, understand and express ideas in a variety of situations. These oral language skills are an important factor in learning to read and write. Communication skills are essential to making friends and getting along with teachers. In addition, students with communication problems may have difficulty expressing feelings and interpreting social situations.

Not all students with communication difficulties will experience problems in school. Assessment by a speech/language pathologist will help determine if a communication problem is likely to affect a child in school and whether or not special assistance is required.

Teachers and/or parents should discuss a student if they have questions or concerns regarding any of the following:

  • Following classroom routines
  • Understanding grade level content material (both oral and written)
  • Reading comprehension difficulties
  • Expressing ideas in writing appropriate to grade level
  • Learning sound skills necessary to learn to read and write
  • Use appropriate vocabulary, word order, grammar
  • Listening to and understanding age appropriate stories read aloud
  • Following and participating in a simple conversation and classroom discussions
  • Responding to question appropriately
  • Speak clearly (articulation)
  • Speak fluently (stuttering)
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