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FAQs - Parents




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How can School Social Workers help you?

As employees of Dufferin-Peel, School Social Workers work with students and their families to address the social, behavioural, emotional and economic issues that affect students’ academic achievement and wellbeing. We work closely with students and parents to help the students attain success academically, socially and emotionally.

How can I access my School Social Worker?

School Social work services can be accessed by contacting your child's teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, classroom teacher or your School Social Worker directly.

Why would the School Social Worker call me?

Ordinarily, school staff would contact parent(s)/guardian(s) to speak with them about how the School Social Worker can assist them and to seek agreement for social work contact. Once you agree, your Social Worker will contact you directly to acquire informed consent.

What should I expect when my School Social Worker calls me?

The School Social Worker will contact you to assess the situation and to develop a plan with you as to how to best intervene. School Social Workers are available to meet with you at the school, in your home or at a mutually convenient location.

Why does the social worker want to talk to me and not just my child?

Parents(s)/guardian(s) are often in the best position to help us understand the challenges that their child may be facing. Therefore, it is important that we speak to the parent/guardian to get their perception of their child’s strengths and needs.

Do I have to speak to the School Social Worker?

School Social Work services are voluntary except in the case of persistent unexcused absences. For more detailed information on Provincial attendance expectations please click here.

What does it mean when I sign consent?

Your consent allows for social work service including direct involvement with you and your child as well access to information contained in the Ontario Student Record (OSR). Consent is valid from the date you sign it until the end of the current school year. Information you share is kept confidential and is not accessed by any other party without your express consent. At the end of the school year a brief summary report is written outlining social work involvement and recommendations. Like all other personal information collected by your School Social Worker, these reports are confidential and can only be accessed with your written consent in accordance with PHIPA and Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers requirements.

Who will be involved with my child?

In an effort to get a full understanding of how your child is functioning it may be necessary to speak with those who work most directly with your child such as your child’s classroom teacher, school administrator, guidance counselor or other school team members.

What happens to information I share with my School Social Worker?

All Information shared with your School Social Worker is kept confidential unless express consent is provided to disclose this information to other parties. When your child meets with the School Social Worker, he/she will be assured privacy.

In situations where information shared indicates that a child or others may be put at risk, all Dufferin-Peel employees are required to report to the appropriate authority.

When do I call my School Social Worker?

Your School Social Worker is available to consult on any issue that may be of concern and to assess whether further intervention is warranted.

Click here for a list of issues affecting students and families.

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