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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education





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PSYCH 5 TO THRIVE facts sheets:

Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Interviews: A Parent’s Guide
Raising Confident and Resilient Children
Healthy Sleep, Healthy Child
Talking to Teens About Stress
Steps to Exam Success

Other Resources:

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders in Children: Information for Parents (article by NASP)
Parent Guide - Psychological Assessment: FAQs
Psychology Services: Making a Difference for Learning and Behaviour
Your Guide to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)



Change how you think, Change how you feel
Change how you sleep, Change how you feel
Change how you interact, Change how you feel
Change your habits, Change how you feel


One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises for Everyday Stress
A Different Way of Looking at ADHD
How to talk to children about traumatic events
Four Steps to Fostering Resiliency: A Toolkit for Teachers


Psychology Services & Catholic Board Learning Plan
Tier 1 - Universal Services for All
Tier 2 - Target or Selected Intervention
Tier 3 - Intensive Intervention


Stress and Worries Too Much of a Good Thing
Is It More Than Just the Winter Blahs
Your Child in Full Day Kindergarten
Strategies for Dealing with Challenging Behaiours


Boosting Your Memory
Effective Strategies for Your Own Learning
Media Dangers, Part One: Cyberbullying
Media Dangers, Part Two: Violent Video Games
Procrastination and Motivation: The Game of “Get Started”
Sleep Habits: Essential for Health and Wellbeing
Stress Management and Relaxation


Student Anxiety & Role of Psychology School Mental Health Initiative
Project Memory: Making It Work!


Violence, Youth & Gangs
Tips for Parents: What Parents Can Do To Help Their Children In School


Helping Children Cope in Unsettling Times
Importance of Play


Tips for Teachers and Parents: Stress In Students
How to Make and Keep Resolutions
Response to Intervention
Behaviour Management in the Classroom


Executive Functions: Getting Organized for Success
The Psychology of Reading: From Research to Practice in the Classroom
Defiant & Emotionally Unpredictable Students
Cyber Bullying

Eating Disorders - Prevention is Worth Every Ounce
Helping Withdrawn or Sad Students
Name Calling
Preventing School Dropouts
Self Esteem
The ABCs of Children's Mental Health

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