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Special Education Advisory Committee




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​​The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is an advisory committee mandated by the Ministry of Education to advise the Board on any issues related to students with diverse learning needs including special education needs.

The members of the committee include representatives of local associations, members of the school board, Aboriginal representatives, and may include additional members who do not belong to any of these groups. For more information about SEAC roles and requirements, visit here.

SEAC has a long history of active participation in supporting students with special education needs. SEAC supports the team approach articulated in the Board Mission Statement:

The mission of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, in partnership with the Family and Church, is to provide, in a responsible manner, a Catholic Education which develops spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical capabilities of each individual to live fully today and to meet the challenges of the future, thus enriching the community.

This mission is reflected in the documents and plans submitted to the Ministry of Education. SEAC has had input into the development of the Catholic Board Learning Plan.

The Special Education Plan Standard requires the Board to provide details of the operation of the Dufferin-Peel SEAC to the Ministry of Education and to give the public information to which they are entitled.

SEAC agendas are constructed to provide all stakeholders with opportunities for input on a monthly basis to the Committee. SEAC has also established a reciprocal sharing and reporting structure with the Board’s Central Committee for Catholic School Councils (CCCSC) that fosters support and communication.

Community Association Reports are brought forward each month, identifying successes, challenges and solutions. Each member brings an area of responsibility to the committee and this team focus has been one of continuous improvement in working within a framework of review and goal setting.

We encourage all parents/guardians/adult students to participate in the monthly SEAC meetings and encourage you to visit the SEAC Membership link for information regarding Associations.

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