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English as a Second Language




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​The Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board offers support to students whose first language is a language other than English or is a variety of English significantly different from that used for instruction in Ontario schools.

English Language Learners are…

  • Students from non-English speaking countries who have limited proficiency in standard Canadian English.
  • Canadian-born students from homes/communities where standard Canadian English is not prevalent and who have limited proficiency in standard Canadian English.
  • Aboriginal students from communities where indigenous language is the first language of communication and who have limited proficiency in standard Canadian English.

English as Second Language Services and Programs

  • Reception and Orientation for Newcomer Students and their families
  • Initial Assessment and Placement of elementary and secondary students


Integrated Classroom Support: The classroom teacher and the ESL teacher, or the teacher responsible for ELLs collaborate in the planning, instruction and assessment of grade-level curriculum. The classroom teacher provides targeted instruction specific to the needs of the student through differentiated instruction, either individually or in small groups, as needed.

Tutorial Support Model: This may be provided several times per week to small groups of ELLs to provide opportunities for practice and reinforcement of language skills studied in the classroom.


Local School Model: Students receive an ESL course administered by a qualified ESL teacher. Students are offered other credit courses adapted to their needs (e.g. History, Mathematics, Science). Click here for the Pathways to English (PDF) flowchart as well as course descriptions.

Resource Support Model: Students receive individual assistance on a regular basis by a qualified ESL teacher.

English as a Second Language for Adults

For more information on these programs, visit Adult Education - New to Canada Programs

English as a Second Language Curriculum and Benchmark Assessment Package

A complete Dufferin-Peel English as a Second Language Cuuriculum and Benchmark Assessment Package has been developed using the national language proficiency standards in the Canadian Language Benchmark 2000 document.

  • targets all four skills areas
  • task based
  • teacher friendly
  • communicative
  • student friendly

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For more information, visit the Newcomer Reception & Assessment Centre

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