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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education





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Art as a Provocation for Action Webinar with Isaac Murdoch – May 26, 2020

This will be an opportunity to collaborate and co-create activities using an interactive digital environment. Participants will examine a series of artworks by Isaac Murdoch that can be used as provocations for further inquiry into a variety of curricular areas. Participants will be supported by Isaac Murdoch (artist from Serpent River First Nation) and Jodie Williams (Indigenous Education Lead for DPCDSB). By the end of the session participants will be able to use the co-created activities in their digital classrooms.

Centering Indigenous Voices with author Drew Hayden Taylor - May 25, 2020

This session will feature author Drew Hayden Taylor as he shares about the importance of centering Indigenous authors in the English classroom.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions during this time to create an interactive atmosphere and dialogue for tips and strategies for enhancing your classroom and professional practice.

About the author:

Q & A Webinar with Isaac Murdoch and Jodie Williams


This time will be dedicated to allow for any question related to Indigenous Education. Perhaps you have questions from any of the previous webinars or are wondering about other topics. You can also ask anonymously when registering for this session. This session will be facilitated by Isaac Murdoch (Serpent River First Nation) and Jodie Williams (Indigenous Education Lead for DPCDSB)​

The Significance of the Opening Address Webinar April 30, 2020​ ​​

Join us with guest speaker Tehahenteh Miller, Mohawk from the Six Nations of the Grand. Tehahenteh will share about the importance and significance of the Opening Address for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Tehahenteh is also an active member of the Indigenous Education Council for Dufferin-Peel Catholic DSB.​

​In Our Words FNMIEAO Resource – April 28, 2020

​Join us with guest speaker Isaac Murdoch (Serpent River First Nation) where we will explore this video series: In Our Words produced by the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education Association of Ontario. These videos explore how the dispossession of land from Indigenous Peoples took place throughout what is now called Canada. These videos provide several perspectives through the personal narratives of Oneida and Anishinaabe Elders and recognized Knowledge Holders. During the webinar we will share tips and strategies on how to utilize this resource in the intermediate and senior classroom.​

Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom (FNMIEAO resource) Webinar April 23, 2020


During this webinar we will focus on using the new comprehensive resource produced by the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education: Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom.  Focused on 3 northern and 1 southern First Nation communities, this resource includes numerous high quality videos on a multitude of topics such as geography, treaties, history, leadership, community life and more.  Connections to the new curriculum as well as ready made classroom activities in both English and French are available through the accompanying Teacher's Guide.  Links to student friendly worksheets are also available. Special guest Tesa Fiddler from Thunder Bay Catholic DSB will be co-facilitating this webinar.​

Lessons From the Earth Resource Webinar April 21, 2020


Join us with guest speaker Isaac Murdoch (Anishinaabe from Serpent River First Nation) as we share the comprehensive resource Lessons From the Earth. Produced in collaboration with many Traditional Teachers and Elders, this resource will give students a glimpse into the old stories of the Indigenous Peoples from this land in order to further understand the connection to the great spirit, our Mother Earth. This cross-curricular resource is a provocation for student inquiry into topics such as the environment, First Peoples of Canada, Science, Social Studies, and more.

Teaching About Residential Schools in the Elementary Classroom Webinar - April 16, 2020​


Gr 6/7 classroom teacher Andrea Eby shares how she effectively used the inquiry process to guide students on a learning journey in understanding the impacts of residential schools while empowering them to become conscientious citizens and activists using the Catholic Social Teachings. Andrea will share step by step how she covered curriculum expectations from numerous subjects and how her school has now become part of the Downie Wenjack Legacy Schools project.​​


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