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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Grade 9 Applied Math




 Catalog-Item Reuse ‭[1]‬


Below are quizzes in multiple choice format from former EQAO assessments, each categorized according to the three course strands.  Once you have completed a quiz, select "check your work" for an immediate answer of all responses.

1) Number Sense and Algebra

a) Operating with Exponents
          Quiz 1a-1

b) Manipulating Expressions and Solving Equations
          Quiz 1b-1


2) Linear Relationships

a) Using Data Management to Investigate
          Quiz 2a-1

b) Understanding Characteristcs of Linear Relations
          Quiz 2b-1

c) Connecting Various Representations of Linear Relations
          Quiz 2c-1


3) Analytic Geometry

a) Investingating the Relationship Between the Equation of a Relation and the Shape of its Graph
          Quiz 3a-1

b) Investingating the Properties of Slope
          Quiz 3b-1

c) Using the Properties of Linear Relations to Solve Problems
          Quiz 3c-1






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