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Grade 10 OSSLT Results




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​The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) assesses the reading and writing skills included in the expectations of The Ontario Curriculum across all subjects up to the end of Grade 9. Successful completion of the Literacy Test is one of the 32 requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

In the reading portions of the test, students interact with a variety of reading selections (narrative, informational and graphical texts) to create an understanding of the meaning of the selections. Students are asked to show their understanding of explicit (directly-stated) and implicit (indirectly-stated) meanings, as well as to connect their understandings of the text to their personal experience and knowledge.

The writing portions of the OSSLT include a combination of multiple choice questions, and short and long writing tasks. Through their responses to these questions and tasks, students demonstrate their ability to communicate ideas and information clearly and coherently.

EQAO reports results on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test only in terms of whether or not students were successful in meeting the standard established for the test, instead of according to levels of student performance. Students who successfully complete the assessment are advised, through the Individual Student Report, that they have “passed” the OSSLT. Schools are given the single literacy score for students who were unsuccessful, as well as additional information to help students, teachers and parents/guardians to plan for improvement.

Grade 10 OSSLT

Results from the Spring 2019 administration of the OSSLT marks the eleventh straight year that DPCDSB students have exceeded the provincial success rate among students eligible to participate for the first time. This year, 83% of DPCDSB students who wrote the OSSLT for the first time successfully completed the test. This result represents a slight increase (+1%) from the previous year's performance in terms of the proportion of DPCDSB students who passed the test on their first attempt. Staff members are focusing on ways to improve student success on this graduation requirement in the coming year.​

2018-2019 OSSLT Report for DPCDSB


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