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Notification for Parents/Guardians of Students Requesting a Dufferin-Peel Online Course

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Before signing the registration form, please carefully review and discuss the following points with your child.

Students may gain a variety of benefits from online courses. They promote flexibility in the school day, allow for a student to make up coursework, and provide experience in the emerging field of online education that is becoming part of post secondary education (colleges and universities). A major factor of student success is that students are or become a completely self-sufficient learner. Online courses are not appropriate for every student.

A student will receive instruction and feedback via the online course instructor, meet classmates via online discussion board, and complete class assignments independently by appropriate due dates. Your child must make a commitment to participate daily or as required by the online instructor. Attendance will be tracked on the basis of regular participation in the online course. Courses typically require approximately 5 to 12 hours of work every week, and will run the entire duration of the term. Students taking online courses during the summer can expect to spend the same duration of time on their courses as those taking regular summer school courses.
Students in an online course do not meet face-to-face. Student self-motivation and self-reliance are even more critical in an environment where there is no face-to-face contact. Dufferin-Peel online teachers are located at various secondary schools and may not be in the same school as your son/daughter. The online teacher provides instructional support and assistance for their online courses. The home school can provide guidance services for online students. Support for technological difficulties will be provided through a tech-help line in the learning management system.

Online students will have access to a computer at school during their assigned period. It is a student’s responsibility to arrange for the proper technology outside of school. Most online courses require a computer with high-speed internet, speakers, word processing capabilities, and video streaming capabilities. Most standard software applications used in these online courses are standard to the common user.

There is an asynchronous orientation activity just prior to the start of a students online course. Students will access an Orientation Course in the virtual learning environment in which they will participate in activities which will assist them in learning to navigate the platform and understand how the Brightspace tools work.

The course for which your child is enrolling meets the same standards as other DPCDSB face-to-face courses and will be calculated in meeting graduation requirements. No indication will appear on a student’s transcript that a particular course was “online”. Like all of the Dufferin-Peel courses, there is no fee for students.

In summary, these are the considerations for Parents/Guardians of online students:

  • Discuss the nature and issues of an online learning environment
  • Take the opportunity to review the course outline, course expectations and timelines
  • Help establish a good work/study area at home
  • Help set up a regular work/study schedule
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