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eLearning Guide




 Catalog-Item Reuse ‭[1]‬


Students enrolled in Dufferin-Peel online courses are responsible for their actions while using the learning management system. All online students are expected to adhere to the eLearning guidelines listed below.

The eLearning guidelines are as follows:

  • When using the LMS, only access sites which are appropriate for use in your course.

  • Be aware that your actions within the learning management system can be seen and monitored. The Learning Management System (LMS) will automatically keep track of your login, the IP address of the machine you are working on, and the total time logged in for each session.

  • Be aware that information on an Internet web site may be inaccurate or biased. Try to verify the information using other sources, if possible, before using it.

  • Be careful of what you say to others and how you say it. Never give your name, home address, telephone numbers or any personal information (i.e. physical description or school) about yourself or others to any strangers you write to or communicate with on the Internet. Never arrange to meet strangers who approach you whilst on the computer; anyone can pretend to be someone else. Someone pretending to be a friend may not have your best interests at heart.

  • Be respectful to all those within the LMS. You must not seek or send images, sounds, or messages which might be considered inappropriate, obscene, abusive, offensive, harassing, illegal, or counsel to illegal activities.

  • Keep your password private. You will not share your login and password with others, nor attempt to learn or use logins and passwords which are not your own.

  • Back-up and save all of your work.

  • Immediately report to a teacher of any message or request which is received or encountered that makes you feel uncomfortable while using the Internet or communication tools within the LMS.

  • Respect copyright and trademarks. You cannot use the words or pictures that you see on an Internet site without giving credit to the person who produced the information originally. You must not copy text or pictures from the Internet and hand it in to your teacher as your own work.

  • Avoid spamming and the use or propagating chain letters and other e-mail debris.

  • Maintain responsibility for meeting all personal deadlines regardless of network availability.

  • Always log out and close your browser when your session has finished.

  • Notify your online teacher if you must be absent for an extended period of time or wish to withdraw from the online course.
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