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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Health Care Courses




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Child Development and Gerontology (TOJ4CH)

This course enables students to examine the stages of child development and the aging process. Students will study the processes of disease and factors contributing to health and well-being in early and later life, and will develop skills required to meet the needs of children and older adults (care skills). Students will also learn about legislation governing the care of children and older adults; evaluate social and recreational activities, programs, and services for improving quality of life; and develop an awareness of health and safety issues, environmental and social issues, and career opportunities related to child care and gerontology.

Technological Communication in Healthcare (EBT4OH)

This course will equip students to utilize the language to communicate information, in both written and verbal format, within the healthcare environment. It will also introduce medical terms and abbreviations with corresponding definitions, spelling, and pronunciation. In addition to this, students will read, analyze, and demonstrate understanding of a variety of current examples of technological communications, like the care-planning process and the components of a client’s chart, as well as the basic rules for recording. Students will gather information from patient case studies to document using healthcare documentation tools. They will integrate graphics and text for resumes, and healthcare algorithms. They will also make several oral and visual (PowerPoint) presentations based on healthcare resources. ​

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