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Pupil Accommodation Review




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In March 2015, the Ministry of Education released the new Pupil Accommodation Guideline. The guideline requires all school boards in Ontario to develop or revise their Pupil Accommodation Review policy. The Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline sets expectations for all school boards on managing and reviewing underutilized school space, including potential school closures, and for the greater coordination and sharing of planning related information between school boards and other community partners.

In response to the requirements outlined in the Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board approved its current amended Policy 6.51 Pupil Accommodation Review on October 27, 2015.

Commencement of East Credit Mississauga
Pupil Accommodation Review

The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is committed to providing quality education to students through programs and facilities that support academic achievement and well-being and to ensuing effective stewardship of the resources of the Board. In accordance with Policy 6.51 – Pupil Accommodation Review, all facilities of the Board are part of an on-going review to identify the most effective pupil accommodation review arrangements for the delivery of all elementary and secondary programs.

The East Credit Education Service Area has been identified in the Long Term Accommodation Plan as being significantly under capacity in 2015-16 with forecasted continued enrolment decline in the coming years, necessitating a Pupil Accommodation Review.

At the Regular Board Meeting on November 24, 2015, the Board of Trustees approved the commencement of the East Credit Mississauga Pupil Accommodation Review Process.

The schools that make up the East Credit Mississauga Review area are as follows:

  • Our Lady of Good Voyage Elementary School
  • St. Bernadette Elementary School
  • St. Dunstan Elementary School
  • St. Gertrude Elementary School
  • St. Gregory Elementary School
  • St. Herbert Elementary School
  • St. Raymond Elementary School
  • St. Valentine Elementary School

The inclusion of the above-noted schools in an accommodation review process does not mean that it will close. Accommodation reviews are designed to look at a grouping of schools to determine the best solution for everyone involved in the process. While the initial staff report may contain a proposed option that impacts these schools, the final decision by the Board to move forward with a recommendation will not take place until after the consultation period.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the following documents to gain a better understanding of the Pupil Accommodation Review Process and how they can provide their feedback and input.

Additional Information

Public consultation is at the heart of the accommodation review process. A minimum of two public meetings are to be held by the Accommodation Review Committee, as well as a number of additional working group meetings. The goal is to engage a wide range of school and community groups to participate in the consultation in order to gather feedback on the proposed accommodation options, developed by staff, to present to the board of trustees for their consideration. Committee members include principals, parents and Board planning staff.

Important Dates

At their regular Board Meeting on May 24, 2016, the Board of Trustees for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board approved the following motion regarding the East Credit Mississauga Pupil Accommodation Review:

“That the board of trustees approve the closure of St. Dunstan and St. Gertrude schools effective June 2017. That St. Dunstan students residing north of Eglinton Avenue be directed to St. Herbert; that St. Dunstan students residing south of Eglinton Avenue be directed to St. Bernadette; that St. Gertrude regular track students be directed to St. Valentine and that St. Gertrude French Immersion students be directed to St. Gregory”

Copies of all reports, correspondence, presentations and other related materials generated throughout this pupil accommodation review process are posted on the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board website at

Request for Administrative Review

The Ministry of Education provides for an Administrative Review process if individuals believe that the board did not follow its accommodation review policy.  The steps in requesting an Administrative Review are outlined on the Ministry of Education website and as per the Administrative Review of Accommodation Review Process document.

The ministry received two (2) petitions for an Administrative Review as a result of the East Credit Pupil Accommodation Review process.  Documents associated with these petitions are available as follows:

• St. Dunstan Request for Administrative Review
  -  Request for Administrative Review
  - Appendix 1a - PAR Policy
  - Appendix 1b - GAP 718.00
  - Appendix 2 - Signed Petition
  - Appendix 3 - PAR Guidelines
  - Appendix 4 - Father Marc Andre Correspondence
  - Appendix 5 - FINAL REPORT East Credit PAR 24May16
  - Appendix 6 Ministry Vision
  - Appendix 7 Sample Email and Response
  - Appendix 8 Email from DPCDSB to St. Dunstan Parent
  - Appendix 9 Procedural By-law 101
  - Appendix 10 Agenda and Reports Open Session Jan. 26, 2016
  - DPCDSB Response to the Ministry of Education
  - Ministry of Education Response to Request for Administrative Review

• St. Gertrude Request for Administrative Review
   - Request for Administrative Review
   - DPCDSB Response to the Ministry of Education
   Ministry of Education Response to Request for an Administrative Review

Please note that the Ministry of Education has 60 days from the date the petitions were submitted to decide whether to appoint a facilitator to undertake an Administrative Review.

As indicated on the Ministry of Education Frequently Asked Questions page, “The Ministry of Education has no legislative mandate to overturn a school board decision regarding a school closure or to control the decisions of the democratically elected trustees of the school board.”

For further information on administrative reviews please refer to the Ministry of Education website or contact the ministry directly.

Ontario Ombudsman's Response to Complaints about the DPCDSB PAR Process

The Ontario Ombudsman's Office received several complaints about the Board of Trustees' decision to close St. Gertrude and St. Dunstan elementary schools as a result of the Pupil Accommodation Review process. Following completion of its review into these complaints, the Ombudsman's Office issued a letter to the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board's Director of Education, Marianne Mazzorato outlining the results of the review.


Accommodation Review Committee (ARC)

 The ARC is an advisory committee established by the Board that represents the school(s) involved in a pupil accommodation review and acts as the conduit for information shared between the Board and the school communities. All committee meetings are open to the public and materials such as meeting dates, agendas, minutes and all information shared with ARC members are available through this website.

As per Ministry Guidelines, the final decision regarding the future of a school or group of schools rests solely with the Board of Trustees.

Ministry of Education Documentation

The following documents and website are also available for review and reference:

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