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STOPR Bus Driver Recruitment




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Student Transportation of Peel Region (STOPR)

School Bus Driver Recruitment

Have you ever thought about driving a school bus?
School bus drivers play a vital role in our school communities and our Bus Operators are currently recruiting drivers.
Driving a school bus can be the perfect part-time job for: 
  • Stay at home parents – in some cases you can bring your little ones to work with you.
  • Retirees – stay connected to youth and our school communities
  • College or University students (over 21 years of age) looking for extra income
  • New to the Peel Region workforce – looking to build your skills and experience
Our Bus Operators offer free training, benefits and Ministry of Education bonus.
For more information, contact one of our Bus Operators in your area:
Attridge Transportation
Phone: 905-855-7771 (Mississauga)
First Student Canada
Phone: 905-270-0561 (Mississauga)
Phone: 905-857-4370 (Brampton, Caledon)
Parkview Transit
Phone: 905-857-9894 (Brampton)
Phone: 905-846-1070 (Caledon)
Phone: 905-796-4035 (Mississauga)
Phone: 905-595-1261 (Brampton)​​​

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