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COVID19 Advisory Reporting




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​​​​​​​​​​​Positive COVID-19 Cases in DPCDSB

Updated: 4/19/21

DPCDSB will post information on this webpage if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 that involves a student or a staff member in a school or board site.

DPCDSB Community-Based Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing - Number of Tests Administered as of April 19, 2021
Community Information Bulletin: Reporting COVID-19 Cases During April Break
Community Information Bulletin: Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing During April Break - April 9, 2021
Region of Peel Public Health Section 22 Class Order - Suspension of In-Person Instruction - April 5, 2021
Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health Section 22 Class Order - Suspension of In-Person Instruction - April 6, 2021
COVID-19 school and child care screening tool​ 
DPCDSB - Student Return to School Form - March 17, 2021
Region of Peel - Child Care and School Screening Tool - March 15, 2021
Region of Peel - Letter to Parents regarding VOC - March 15, 2021
Region of Peel - COVID-19 Information for Schools, Parents and Students (self-screening/masks/isolation/testing)
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health - COVID-19 Information for Schools, Parents and Students
Region of Peel COVID-19 Testing Site Locations
Region of Peel - COVID-19 translated resources for use in the community
Region of Peel - Emergency Child Care for Essential Workers
Region of Peel - New COVID-19 screening for school students and children attending licensed child care settings in Peel - December 4, 2020
Region of Peel Childcare and School Screening Tool - Poster (Updated: December 4, 2020) 
Region of Peel Student Caregiver Toolkit
DPCDSB Self-Isolation Mental Health Flyer
How to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if you develop symptoms
NEW! - Self-Isolation Information for Families with Children
How to self-isolate
Self-isolation: Guide for caregivers, household members and close contacts
Ministry of Education: Operational Guidance COVID-19 Management in Schools
Government of Ontario: COVID-19 cases in schools and child care centres

This chart will be updated by 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Please note that this chart displays only active positive cases and closures.

School Name Student Cases Staff Cases Board Partners Individual(s) Not Identified​Probable Positive Close​d Classrooms Closure Status
All Saints CES0100​00Open
Ascension of Our Lord CSS 0010​00Open
Bishop Francis Allen CES1100​01Open
Bishop Scalabrini CES000​0​00Open
Canadian Martyrs CES 000​00​ 0Open
Cardinal Ambrozic CSS 0110​0 2Open
Cardinal Leger CSS20​0004Open
Christ the King CES000​0​00Open
Corpus Christi CES100​0​00Open
Divine Mercy CES010​0​00Open
Father C.W. Sullivan CES1000​00Open
Father Clair Tipping CES200​000Open
Father Daniel Zanon CES000​000Closed
Father Francis McSpiritt CES000​00 0Open​
Father Michael Goetz CSS010​0​01Open
Georges Vanier CES000​00​0Open
Good Shepherd CES000​000Open
Guardian Angels CES000​0​00Open
Holy Cross CES000​0​00Open
Holy Family CES10​00​01Open
Holy Name of Mary CSS000​0​00Open
Holy Spirit CES 0 00​0​0 0Open
Iona CSS1 00​0​0 0Open
John Cabot CSS 000​0​0 0Open
Lester B. Pearson CES 000​0​00Open
Loyola CSS000​0​00Open
Mary Fix CES000​00​0Open
Metropolitan Andrei CES000​0​00Open
Notre Dame CSS 100​0​0 0Open
Our Lady of Fatima CES000​00​0Open
Our Lady of Good Voyage CES010​0​00Open
Our Lady of Lourdes CES000​0​00Open
Our Lady of Mercy CES000​0​00Open
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel CSS100​0​00Open
Our Lady of Peace CES000​0​00Open
Our Lady of Providence CES100​0​00Open
Pauline Vanier Catholic School0000​00Open
Philip Pocock C.S.S. 000​0​0 0Open
Queen of Heaven CES000​00​0Open
Robert F. Hall CSS000​0​00Open
Sacred Heart CES000​0​00Open
San Lorenzo Ruiz CES 110​0​0 0Open
St. Agnes CES0000​00Open
St. Aidan CES000​011Open
St. Albert of Jerusalem CES1000​00Open
St. Alfred CES000​0​00Open
St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSS100​0​0 0Open
St. Alphonsa CES00​0000Open
St. André Bessette CES 0 00​0​0 0Open
St. Andrew CES000​0​00Open
St. Angela Merici CES000​0​00Open
St. Anne CES00​00​00Open
St. Anthony CES200​013Open
St. Augustine CSS 1200​02Open
St. Barbara CES 000​0​0 0Open
St. Basil CES0000​00Open
St. Benedict CES00​00​00Open
St. Bernadette CES200​0​01Open
St. Bernard of Clairvaux CES 100​00 1Open
St. Bonaventure CES000​0​00Open
St. Brigid CES000​00​0Open
St. Catherine of Siena CES000​0​00Open
St. Cecilia CES000​0​00Open
St. Charles Garnier CES000​0​00Open
St. Christopher CES000​0​00Open
St. Clare CES000​0​00Open
St. Cornelius CES 000​00 0Open
St. Daniel Comboni CES000​0​00Open
St. David of Wales CES000​00​0Open
St. Dominic CES100​00​0Open
St. Edith Stein CES000​0​00Open
St. Edmund Campion CSS 0​000​0 0Open
St. Edmund CES400​0​02Open
St. Elizabeth Seton CES000​0​00Open
St. Evan CES000​00​0Open
St. Faustina CES10000​1Open
St. Francis of Assisi CES00000​ 0Open
St. Francis Xavier Elementary00​00​00Open
St. Francis Xavier Secondary100​0​02Open
St. Gerard CES0000​00Open
St. Gregory CES2 10​0​0 2Open
St. Helen CES000​00​0Open
St. Herbert CES000​0​00Open
St. Hilary CES000​0​00Open
St. Isaac Jogues CES 000​00​ 0Closed
St. Jacinta Marto CES000​0​00Open
St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre000​0​00Open
St. Jean Brebeuf CES 000​00​ 0Open
St. Jean-Marie Vianney CES000​0​01Open
St. Jerome CES000​022Open
St. Joachim CES010​000Open
St. Joan of Arc CSS 000​0​0 0Open
St. John Bosco CES000​0​00Open
St. John Fisher CES 000​0​0 0Open
St. John Henry Newman CES200​0​00Open
St. John of the Cross CES100​0​01Open
St. John Paul II CES000​0​00Open
St. John the Baptist CES010​0​00Open
St. John XXIII CES020​0​01Open
St. Joseph CES (Brampton)000​00​0Open
St. Joseph CES (Mississauga)000​0​00Open
St. Joseph CSS 000​0​0 0Open
St. Josephine Bakhita CES100​0​00Open
St. Jude CES 0 00​0​0 0Open
St. Julia CES0000​00Open
St. Kevin CES0 00​0​00Open
St. Leonard CES000​000Open
St. Louis CES000​0​00Open
St. Lucy CES000​0​00Open
St. Luke CES 000​0​0 0Open
St. Marcellinus CSS010​0​00Open
St. Margaret of Scotland CES00​00​00Open
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys CES000​0​00Open
St. Marguerite d'Youville CSS 000​00 0Open
St. Maria Goretti CES000​000Open
St. Mark CES100​0​01Open
St. Martin CSS000​0​00Open
St. Mary CES0000​00Open
St. Matthew CES000​0​00Open
St. Michael CSS100​000Open
St. Monica CES000​0​00Open
St. Nicholas CES000​0​00Open
St. Oscar Romero CSS0 00​0​0 0Open
St. Patrick CES000​00​0Open
St. Paul CSS200​00​0Open
St. Peter CES 000​0​0 0Open
St. Philip CES 00​000​ 0Open
St. Pio of Pietrelcina CES000​000Open
St. Raphael CES00​00​00Open
St. Raymond CES000​0​00Open
St. Richard CES000​0​00Open
St. Rita CES000​0​00Open
St. Roch CSS 02​00​0 4Open
St. Rose of Lima CES00​00​00Open
St. Sebastian CES00​00​00Open
St. Simon Stock CES000​0​00Open
St. Sofia CES130​023Open
St. Stephen CES000​0​00Open
St. Teresa of Avila CES100​0​00Open
St. Teresa of Calcutta CES000​0​00Open
St. Therese of the Child Jesus CES1 00​00​0Open
St. Thomas Aquinas CSS200​00​0Open
St. Thomas More CES 00​00​0 0Closed
St. Timothy CES00​00​00Open
St. Ursula CES0000​00Open
St. Valentine CES00​0000Open
St. Veronica CES200​0​01Closed
St. Vincent de Paul CES000​0​00Open
Sts. Martha and Mary CES000​000Open
Sts. Peter and Paul CES000​0​00Open
Venerable Michael J. McGivney CES000​0​00Open

Board Sites​​ Confirmed Cases Closure Status
Catholic Education Centre0Open
Keaton Centre 5Open
St. Gertrude 0Open
St. Dunstan C.L.L.C.0Open
St. Kateri Tekakwitha C.L.C. 0Open
Blessed Trinity C.E.C. 0Open
St. Gabriel A.L.C. 0Open
B.J. Fleming C.A.L.C. 0Open
Silver Creek Outdoor Centre0Open

For more information about Monitoring and Responding to Reports of COVID-19 Symptoms/Cases, please refer to page 7 of the DPCDSB Return to School - Parent Guide


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