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Did you know? 

A large number of Board resources are directly accessible from the Internet and DO NOT require VPN access. As we have limited VPN licenses to be shared by ALL staff, please review and use the most appropriate option for access. In most cases, the first two should meet your requirements and are the preferred method. The following resources are directly accessible from the Internet. You DO NOT need the VPN to connect to them: 

ICT Self-Service  ICT Self Service            
​Report cards or
Office365 / Email
Brightspace by D2L


You can use DPStorefront via Citrix Workspace for…

IPPS, iRen, SIS, Markbook, internal websites such as DP24, HRPortal, Standard Supply Catalogue, and Mileage to name a few.
DP Desktop II will no longer be available as of April 3rd, 2020, click here for more information. Please Click here for instructions on how to configure Outlook on citrix to send attachments from your home, departmental and school drives (H: and S:).

Click here for directions on how to Download, Install and configure Citrix Workspace to connect to your Board resources.

VPN Access for Board Provided Laptop

Accessing internal board systems such as Document Management, Parklane that are not internet browser based (Chrome or Internet Explorer) and accessible via DPStorefront now require AnyConnect. In order to connect to these systems, you need to use the "AnyConnect" client that is currently installed on your Board Provided Laptop.

Your “AnyConnect client” is located in your hidden icons folder at the bottom–right corner of your screen. Right click the "AnyConnect" icon and select "Connect".

Click Here to view a short video located on Office 365 on how to use your “AnyConnect” client.

Privately Owned Device

In order to connect to the Boards’ internal resources via Citrix Storefront, you must have the "Citrix Workspace" client installed on your privately owned device.. 

The Connection to DP Storefront is made directly with your Citrix Workspace client and not a web browser.

Click here to download Citrix Workspace for your Privately Owned Device.

Click here for directions on how to Download, Install and configure Citrix Workspace to connect to your Board resources.          



If you require further assistance, please call us:

ICT – Service Desk
Local to CEC:  905-366-3375
Long Distance:  1-866-376-5215
Internal Extension:  25000

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday:  8:00am – 4:30pm

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