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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education





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Executive Council

Marianne Mazzorato

Director of Education

Daniel Del Bianco

Associate Director - Corporate Services

David Amaral

Associate Director - Instructional Services

Julie Cherepacha

Executive Superintendent – Finance,  
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer​

​Max Vecchiarino

Superintendent, Policy, Strategy & Global Learning

Margaret Beck



Stephanie Strong

Superintendent, Human Resources & Employee Relations

Brian Hester

Superintendent, Financial Services

Mathew Thomas

Superintendent, Planning and Operations


Carmel Murphy

Superintendent, Program & Learning Services

Lucy Papaloni

Superintendent, Well-being, Experiential Learning & Learning Services

Deb Finegan-Downey​

Superintendent, Special Education & Learning Services

Family of Schools

Les Storey

Superintendent, Brampton West

Silvana Gos

Superintendent, Mississauga North

Cairine MacDonald

Superintendent, Mississauga South

Wayne Brunton

Superintendent, Mississauga Brampton Central

Tammy-Lynne Peel

Superintendent, Brampton East/Caledon/Dufferin/Malton

Jodi Kuran

Superintendent, Brampton North East

Martine Lewis

Superintendent, Mississauga East​​

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