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St. Catherine of Siena Separate School
"Many Hands, Many Lands, One Heart, One God"
  • St. Catherine of Siena Separate School
  • 2350 Hurontario Street South
  • Mississauga ON , L5B 1N1
  • Principal: Natalie Poerba
  • Vice Principal(s): Steve Murray
  • Superintendents: Cairine MacDonald
  • Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Ward 7)
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Safe at Siena

‚ÄčThe Online Reporting Tool

 The following reporting tool is intended for students who become aware of bullying incidents and negative behaviours impacting the school community. It is designed to provide information that will help promote a positive school climate. We ask all students to please report any negative incidents that affect your well-being and/or the well-being of your school community by clicking on the link below.

The incident may be one that either you have witnessed or experienced yourself. When you fill out this form, you are NOT REQUIRED to provide your name or any other identifiable information anywhere. If the information provided is anonymous, it may be dealt with in a general way as there is no means to respond specifically when there is limited information provided.

DEPENDING ON THE KIND OF INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE, you may be identifiable. In some cases, if you are identifiable based on the information provided, the school principal/vice-principal may approach you to provide a little more information on a confidential basis. If you choose to identify yourself as part of the reporting process, the principal/vice-principal may follow up with you directly. If you have any questions about this tool, please contact the Principal and/or Vice-Principal.

It is best practice to speak directly with a responsible adult at home and/or in the school.

Create a Report:  Click Here


Psych 5 to Thrive consists of 5 fact sheets that consist of 5 short strategies to help students thrive at school and at home.

1. Raising Confident and Resilient Children (PDF)
2. Healthy Sleep, Healthy Child (PDF)
3. Talking to Teens About Stress (PDF)
4. Making the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Interview (PDF)
5. How to Help Your Teen Survive Exam Week Stress  (PDF)   

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