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St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School
"Soldiers of Faith, Endurance and Freedom"
  • St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School
  • 3460 Aquinas Avenue
  • Mississauga ON , L5M 7L2
  • Principal: Adriana DeCicco
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Laura Odo
  • Trustee: Herman Viloria (Mississauga Ward 8)
    Brea Corbet (Mississauga Ward 10)
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Our Faith

Merciful Redeemer Parish information can be found here.

St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School


St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School, located at 3460 Aquinas Avenue in northwestern Mississauga, opened in September 2004 and was blessed on May 3, 2005. The focus of our school community is the successful working relationship of school, home and parish triad. The school actively joins our parish, Merciful Redeemer, as evidenced by our close relationship with the parish team. Our pastors and other lay church leaders connect to the school through Masses, St. Vincent de Paul initiatives, Sacramental Preparation and Youth Ministry. Our school is named after the martyred Roman Praetorian Soldier who was killed for converting people to Christianity. He is patron saint of athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the faith. We believe our school motto, “Soldiers of Faith, Endurance, and Freedom”, encapsulates the essence of the life and example of St. Sebastian and the individuals who are members of our school community. Our academic achievement, faith and social action initiatives continue in the valiant spirit of St. Sebastian as our school community demonstrates its devotion to Gospel values. Our charity food drives and fundraisers, Virtues liturgies, Masses, sacraments and liturgical celebrations following the church’s liturgical calendar and, perhaps most importantly, our daily interactions with one another foster the development of our academic, spiritual, personal skills and achievements to become Soldiers of Christ.

 Our Patron Saint


Saint Sebastian was born in Narbonne, Gaul around 270 A.D. He worked in the Roman army, but spent much of his life encouraging soldiers to stay true to their faith in Christ.   This was a difficult and dangerous choice, because during this era, people were persecuted for their Christianity.   Sebastian was renowned for his military skills and earned the rank of captain.  Sebastian also had the gift of curing the sick.

Unbeknownst to the emperor, Sebastian converted many people to Christianity and when the Emperor discovered that Sebastian was Christian, he commanded that Sebastian be executed. Sebastian was shot with arrows and left for dead.  A widow who came to recover his body found that Sebastian was still alive and nursed him back to health. Once well, Sebastian confronted the Emperor and denounced him for his cruelty to Christians.  Subsequently, Sebastian was beaten to death for standing up for his faith.

Saint Sebastian was venerated at Milan and buried on the Appian Way. He is the patron saint of athletes, archers and soldiers.  People appeal to St. Sebastian for protection against plagues.

He is patron saint of athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith. Saint Sebastian is also patron to all soldiers. He was declared patron saint of plague sufferers because of his reported cures of those afflicted with many diseases.

2023/2024 Pastoral Plan​

SEBAS - Pastoral Plan 2023-2024-approved.pdf

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