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St. Raymond Elementary School
  • St. Raymond Elementary School
  • 5735 Whitehorn Avenue
  • Mississauga ON , L5V 2A9
  • Principal: Cornelia Gale
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6)
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Online Reporting Tool

On-line Reporting Tool




Attn: Parents and School Community

In 2013-2014 the Online Reporting tool was developed and piloted in all secondary schools and 13 elementary schools in Dufferin-Peel. In accordance with the Catholic Board Learning Plan’s call for creating catholic conditions for well-being, we are ready to share this tool with all remaining elementary schools within our board.

The Online Reporting Tool was designed to help promote a positive school climate and is intended for students who become aware of bullying incidents and negative behaviours impacting the school community. The Online Reporting Tool will provide an opportunity for students to fill out a report which will be sent directly to the principals and vice principals on conditions that impact the well-being and safety of the school environment. The principals and vice principals will be made aware of these incidents and deal with them accordingly.

Students can simply ‘click’ on the "Online Reporting Tool" link found on their school’s website. They will be prompted to answer 8 questions and the report will be directly emailed to the school’s principal and vice principal, if applicable.

It is important to recognize that the Online Reporting Tool is an alternate option. It is best practice to speak directly with a responsible adult in the school, however, this tool will ensure that the administration are made aware of incidents including incidents from students who may not have an opportunity to share.

Note: The Online Reporting Tool is designed for student use. The Online Reporting Tool does not require the student to leave his/her name, however, anonymity is not guaranteed. The student may be identifiable based on the nature of the report.

Thank you for your support on ensuring our school communities are safe, accepting and inclusive.

If you have any questions about this tool, please contact the Principal and/or Vice-Principal.

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