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St. Nicholas Elementary School
"Faith. Understanding. Peace."
  • St. Nicholas Elementary School
  • 120 Harvest Moon Dr.
  • Bolton ON , L7E 2W1
  • Principal: Kevin DaCosta
  • Vice Principal(s): Sandi Tuzi

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Frank Di Cosola (Caledon Ward 4, 5)
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Our Faith

​St. Nicholas School: A Catholic Focus


The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board believes that the Catholic faith, as expressed through Gospel values, is the driving force in the board’s community of learners, which includes five key groups: students; the parish, home and community; teachers and support staff; administrators and supervisory officers; and trustees. The board strives to be a Christ-centered system in which all may work and learn in a supportive, inclusive, meaningful, and respectful environment. Within the context of an authentic Catholic learning community, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School board strives “…to provide students with the opportunity to realize their potential and develop into highly skilled, knowledgeable, caring citizens who contribute to society.” The board is further committed to:

  • deepening the understanding, appreciation and practice of the Catholic Christian lifestyle, with Jesus as role model;
  • aligning a system-wide approach to Catholicity, whereby all educational practices are implemented through a Catholic lens;
  • developing graduates who are fully alive in Christ, “not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but in terms of values, attitudes and actions”;
  • encouraging unique approaches to support system priorities and the principle strands of faith education: prayer and liturgy; sacramentaly; morality and justice; and scripture and church.

As a diverse educational community responding to God’s call, Dufferin-Peel fosters and nourishes an inclusive atmosphere rooted in tradition and scripture. The board continues to commit to the guiding principles of Learning for All: K-12 (draft) and to Dufferin-Peel’s Equity and Inclusive Education Policy (developed in accordance with the provincial Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy), while:

  • being authentic witnesses to our Catholic faith;
  • being responsible stewards of God’s grace in the world;
  • respecting human dignity;
  • modelling all learners after Jesus, as ministers of compassion and service.

To strengthen its Catholic identity, Dufferin-Peel will continue to develop opportunities for faith formation of students and staff, together with an educational program which strives to integrate the board’s fundamental beliefs and values into all of its endeavors.


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