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St. Martin Catholic Secondary School
"Teach us knowledge, goodness and discipline"
  • St. Martin Catholic Secondary School
  • 2470 Rosemary Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L5C 1X2
  • Principal: Maria Pallotta
  • Vice Principal(s): Joe Zammit
    John O'Donnell

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Mississauga Ward 7)
    Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6)
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Transition to Secondary

As you begin the secondary school in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, you will have the opportunity to set a destination and chart a course for your life. The NAVIG 8-2-9 Mapping Your Future​ has been developed to provide you with an overview of items that you should consider when selecting programs and courses to ensure that you will have the best opportunity for a meaningful secondary school education.



​​Regular Schedule
Period 18:27am – 9:45am
Period 29:50am – 11:05am
Period 3A11:10am – 11:50am
Period 3B11:50am – 12:25pm
Period 3C12:25pm – 1:05pm
Period 41:10pm – 2:25pm


Assembly Schedule
Period 18:27am – 9:25am
Period 29:30am – 11:40am
Period 3A11:45am – 12:25pm
Period 3B12:30pm – 12:40pm
Period 3C12:45pm – 1:25pm
Period 41:25pm – 2:25pm


​By choosing to attend a Dufferin-Peel Catholic Secondary School, students and their parents have made a serious and long-term commitment to Catholic education.  The uniform is part of that commitment. School uniforms should be worn proudly and must be worn in good repair.  School uniform items (other than shoes) must be purchased from the Board approved supplier, R.J. McCarthy Ltd.(2501 Beryl Road, Oakville​). The uniform policy of the schools must be strictly adhered to.    

Uniform Expectations​​

  • Students are to be in full and proper uniform throughout the entire school day (8:27 am to 2:25 pm), both within the school and while on school property.  School/school property includes, but is not restricted to, classrooms, hallways, the Cafeteria, the Gymnasium and the Library.
  • A student missing a uniform item is expected to report to the office prior to 8:27am to see their appropriate Vice Principal.
  • Students are to wear the school uniform when representing the school at an out-of-school event. The school uniform will be worn on all educational field trips unless the nature of the trip warrants other attire, as approved by the school principal.  
  • Students who repeatedly violate the Uniform Policy are also in violation of the Catholic Student Code of Conduct and may receive a formal consequence.
  • Non-Uniform items (e.g. Hoodies, baseball hats, visors, bandanas, winter hats) are not permitted at anytime during the school day, before or after school activities and events, including lunch time, spares, and school games.

St. Martin Catholic S. S. Uniform

Golf Shirt: Blue or White St. Martin golf shirt (from McCarthy's) is mandatory AT ALL TIMES.
Pants:   Blue St. Martin pants (from McCarthy's) are mandatory AT ALL TIMES.  Pants are to be neatly hemmed and worn at the waist.
Sweater: Blue St. Martin (from McCarthy's) full-zip sweater is optional.
Shoes: Black or White (or a combination of black and white). No other colours will be permitted. Shoes must be closed toe/closed heel, shoes or boots. Absolutely no slippers, slides, Crocs, sandals, flip-flops, etc., are permitted. 


  • Students must store their phones out of view and powered off or set to silent mode during instructional time, unless otherwise explicitly allowed by the educator during instructional time for a specific purpose.
  • Contravention of these Ministry of Education expectations would be addressed as per the procedures outlined within DPCDSB’s Catholic Code of Conduct.
  • Students who need to use their phones or other electronic devices for health and medical reasons, or to support special education needs, may continue to use them during the school day following consultation with school administration.
  • It is recognized that some parents need to communicate with their children during the school day, and in such instances, parents should contact the school office.
  • ​​Report cards may include comments on students’ distraction levels in class.


Regular and punctual attendance for all classes and scheduled activities is the expectation of every student and is vital to the process of learning.

​Late to class: Students are considered late for class if they are not in the classroom, prepared to work, when the bell rings.​

​​​1-2 lates​​​​

  • Conversation with student
  • Assign consequence(s)
3-5 lates
  • Conversation with student
  • Assign consequence(s)
  • Discussion with parent/guardian​​
6+ lates
  • ​Refer to admin with profile card
  • Consequences and further discussions with parent/guardian

Skips (absent from class without a note or phone call): Absences are considered a skip if students are away for any reason without permission.

​​1st & 2nd Skip
  • Conversation with student
  • Assign consequence (e.g. detention)
  • Discussion with parent/guardian
  • Student’s Vice Principal informed, incident recorded
3rd+ Skip
  • Refer to admin with profile card
  • Vice Principal will assign further consequences (e.g. detention, suspension) and contact parents/guardians​


  • Lockers ARE school property on loan for your use
  • Locker clean-outs and the verification of ownership will take place from time to time. Contents must be cleared at the end of the academic year.
  • Space is provided for all students: the assigned locker must be kept for the entire school year
  • Only DUDLEY combination locks may be used.
  • Anything posted on any locker should reflect the moral tone of our school and respect for all persons in the community


When the fire alarm sounds, all staff and students must evacuate the school building.  It is a criminal offence to falsely trigger a fire alarm system.  Students deliberately setting a false alarm will be suspended and reported to the police.


If a student is injured while at school or in conjunction with any school activity, please have someone contact the school office so that you may receive help. An Accident Report form must be completed as soon as possible. This form is for student protection and is available at the main office


Food is to be eaten in the cafeteria area only for the safety of all and the consideration for those with anaphylaxis allergies. There is to be no eating/drinking in classrooms, library, gym, hallways, washrooms, etc. In order to keep the building and grounds clean, students are expected to be part of the total team which keeps the school in orderly fashion. Every consideration and assistance should be given to the cafeteria and custodial staff.


The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Students are strongly urged to leave all valuables at home. Personal items should be secured in the student's locker during the school day and the students must ensure that their locker is properly secured. Never leave valuables in the change rooms or unattended anywhere in the school or on the school grounds. The school will not be responsible for any losses or damages.


Students are not permitted to congregate in the halls or washrooms or be at lockers during class time. During your lunch or spare, you should be in the cafeteria or library. 


No smoking/vaping is permitted in the school building or on school property at any time.  Any student smoking/vaping in the school building or on school property will be suspended and may be subject to a fine by the Region of Peel Health Department. 


There will be limited student parking facilities on school property.  Only those who have been authorized by administration may park on school property. Parking passes are available to students (free of charge) from the Main Office. Unauthorized cars may be ticketed or towed.


Library, labs and classroom computers, are available to students for research needs.  No e-mail, social media or games use is permitted.  Misuse of computers may lead to immediate withdrawal of privileges.

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