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St. Martin Secondary School
"Teach us knowledge, goodness and discipline"
  • St. Martin Secondary School
  • 2470 Rosemary Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L5C 1X2
  • Principal: Jason Pratt
  • Vice Principal(s): Monika Khbeis
    Joe Zammit
    Sharon Bolger

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Mississauga Ward 7)
    Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6)
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Catholic School Council for Parents

St. Martin Catholic School Council for Parents Welcomes You


Join us on Monday, October 3 at 7:00pm for our First Parent Council Meeting


Topic: St. Martin Parent Council Meeting​


All parents are welcome to attend! See below for the meeting dates for 2022-2023.


Section 4 - Catholic School Council Roles.pdf

Nomination Form.pdf

CSC Letter 2022-2023.docx

School Council 2021-2022.docx


Catholic School Council Reports:  School Council by-laws are to be posted to the website.


The members of the St. Martin Catholic School Council wish to welcome students, parents/guardians and teaching staff to a new school year at St. Martin Catholic Secondary School. We hope that this year will be a productive one as we work together with the staff to enhance our children's learning.

School Motto: Knowledge, Goodness, Discipline

What is the Catholic School Council?

The Catholic School Council was established by board policy, in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Education and Training. It is intended to serve as an advisory committee to the school principal and, where appropriate, to the school board. The Catholic School Council provides the opportunity for parents, guardians, students, staff, the parish and members of the community to be actively involved in the operation and direction of their local school.  Working together to support school programs and activities.

When does the Catholic School Council meet?

The St. Martin Catholic School Council meets several times a year. This year meeting will be held on Zoom at 6:30 p.m.  All meetings are open and your participation and input is both welcome and valued.

Meeting Dates:  

​Monday, October 3th, 2022​Monday, February 6th, 2023
​Monday, November 7th, 2022Monday, March 6th, 2023
​Monday, December 5th, 2022​​Monday, May 2nd, 2023


For addtional refrences, please visit:

Who  is eligible to be a Catholic School Council member?

Parents/Guardians of students enrolled in the school, a community representative, a parish representative, the school principal, a teacher from the school representative, a non-teaching staff member from the school representative and a Student Council representative. All members shall be English separate school supporters electors or their spouses.

What is the role of the Catholic School Council?

The major goals  of the Catholic School Council are outlined in the board policy:
to promote the vision, values,  sacramental life and Catholic practices of The  Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and the Catholic community it serves,  to be faithful to its mission.
to advise the principal and the board.

It is the responsibility of the Catholic School Council to promote the best interests of the Catholic school community. In identifying its priorities, the council may advise the principal on any of the following matters.

  • These matters may include but are not limited to:
  • faith development of the school community; 
  • the board school year calendar;
  • school code of student behaviour;
  • curriculum, program goals and priorities;
  • the responses of the school or school board in achieving provincial and board assessment programs;
  • selection of principals in a manner prescribed by the school board;
  • the process and criteria applicable to the selection of principals and vice principals through the Annual School Council Survey:
  • school budget priorities, including local capital improvement plans for submission to the board;
  • school-community communication strategies;
  • methods of reporting to parents/guardians in the community;
  • extracurricular activities in the school;
  • school based services and community partnerships related to social, health, recreation and nutrition programs;
  • community use of school facilities;
  • local coordination of services for children and youth;
  • development, implementation and review of board policies at the local level.

How can I be an active member of the school community?

The Catholic School Council and its committees are comprised of parent volunteers, community members and  staff. Parent involvement is greatly needed to ensure their success. All are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to get involved

St. Martin School Council 2021-2022 Members

Chair: Roxanne Smith
Secretary: Marta Da Costa

OAPCE Rep: Erika De Rango

Principal: J. Pratt
Vice Principal:  S. Bolger
Teacher Representative: A. Nahirniak

Parish Rep:  Paula Conliffe-Layne

How can I contact a member of the Catholic School Advisory Council?

Email :


Meeting Minutes for October 3 2022 - CSC Meeting Minutes October 3 2022.pdf

Meeting Minutes for June 7 2021 - CSC Meeting Minutes Unapproved June 7 2021 (1).pdf

Meeting Minutes for May 3 2021 - CSC Meeting Minutes Uapproved May 3 2021.pdf

Meeting Minutes for November 2, 2020 -CSC Meeting Minutes Approved Nov 2 2020.pdf

Meeting Minutes for October 5, 2020 - CSC Meeting Minutes Approved Oct 5 2020.docx

Meeting Minutes for June 1, 2020 - CSC Meeting Minutes June 1, 2020.docx 

Meeting Minutes for March 2, 2020 - CSC Meeting Minutes March 2, 2020.docx 

Meeting Minutes for November 4, 2019 - CSC Meeting Minutes November 4, 2019

Meeting Minutes for October 7, 2019 - CSC Meeting Minutes.docx

​​​​Meeting Minutes for November 2018 -  CSC Meeting Minutes November 5 2018.docx 

Meeting Minutes for October 2018 -  CSC Meeting Minutes October 1 2018.docx

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