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Cardinal Leger Catholic Secondary School
"Growing in Truth and Love"
  • Cardinal Leger Catholic Secondary School
  • 75 Mary Street
  • Brampton ON , L6W 3K5
  • Principal: Jason Pratt
  • Vice Principal(s): Catherine McLean
    Jennifer Kingshott

  • Superintendents: Tammy-Lynne Peel
  • Trustee: Anisha Thomas (Brampton Ward 3, 1)
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Our Faith



Serving in the Love of Christ

Serve with faithfulness, humility, compassion, justice, and joy

2021-2022 Cardinal Leger Pastoral Plan.pdf

Creator God,
With hope in our schools help us to continue to learn new things and to practice living the values taught by Jesus.
May we open our minds to learn more about You. May we open our hearts to the needs of others.  May we have a welcoming word for those who need a friend.
Help us to learn new ways to rejoice in hope in You.
We praise You, O God. We thank You  for Your love and we bless Your name.
We ask this in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


What is Christian Service?

Any service that reflects Jesus’ love is “Christian service.” From giving a cup of water to dying for someone, there are as many types of Christian service as there are needs in the world. Very few directly involve the four walls of the church.

The Bible does give specific examples of Christian service: show hospitality to strangers,  remember those in prison, provide for the needy, mentor others.  Some of these examples speak to our day-to-day living: care for children, tend families, treat employees fairly, deal honestly with customers, and be diligent with employers’ resources.   As long as the act is done “in Jesus’ name”—that is, it is motivated by the love of Jesus—it is Christian service.

There are thousands of organizations outside the church designed specifically to serve others. Homeless shelters, housing builders, and food banks always need help—both volunteering and donations. Organizations like Canadian Food For Children (Dr. Simone)provide food and clothing for children in sometimes dangerous situations. Others provide water, micro-loans, or resources such as farm animals which enable the child’s family to generate income.

The world is in desperate need of Christians willing to show who Christ is with their actions. Jesus said the second greatest commandment was to love others—not sentimentally, but tangibly. Every action performed out of kindness, powered by the understanding of Christ and His love, is Christian service.

“I was making speeches, trying to change the world.  And I realized that the world would be changed by deeds, not words.  So I went to Africa….” (Paul-Emile Cardinal Leger)

Our Mission Statement

The students and staff at Cardinal Leger Secondary School, celebrate spirituality and diversity through achieving, believing and living in an inclusive Catholic environment.

It is the mission of the school community at Cardinal Leger Catholic Secondary School to challenge students to: engage in life-long learning and the pursuit of excellence in reaching their full spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical potential; acquire and demonstrate the required skills and attitudes that equip them for the future; to grow in an understanding of  Catholic  teachings and traditions and to incorporate these into their everyday life.

It is the mission of the school community at Cardinal Leger Secondary School to provide an environment: where we grow and learn within the context of a cooperative, community team of Family, School and Church; where the ideals of mutual trust, responsibility, equality and respect for all are encouraged and fostered.

Vision Statement

The Pastoral Plan, based on the theme,  “Walking in the Light of Christ” enables the Cardinal Leger community to have a common faith vision and plan of action.  We believe that every member of our community is created in the image of God which allows us to appreciate the breadth and wonder of who we are and enables us to celebrate the dignity of each person as a child of God.  We rejoice in the many images of God reflected in the faces we encounter each day.  Our namesake Cardinal Paul Emile Leger ministered to “the faces of Jesus” as revealed in the poor and the unwanted of our society.  His charism challenges us to go beyond our comfort zone and,  imbued with the Light of Christ, to open our heart to the sacredness that lies within each person, especially those on the margins.   Filled with hope and fervently depending on the grace of God we joyfully proclaim the Good News to all we meet. We proclaim and celebrate the Spirit in Hospitality, Understanding, Wisdom, Justice and Gratitude.

The Pastoral Plan is the work of various school representatives:  the Administration, the Theology Department Head, the Faith Ambassador, the local Pastors, Teacher Representatives, the Chaplain and the School Council.

Catholicity Goals

To deepen the understanding that we are created in the image of God through our faith story as revealed in Sacred Scripture and in the tradition of the Catholic Church and to proclaim joyfully this Good News with hope and courage.

Specific Goals

  1. That our prayer be founded on the belief that we are created in the image of God which calls us to live the Christian virtues of the gospel.  We manifest this belief by incorporating the gospel virtues and responding to the precious grace filled moments in our daily lives.
  2. That our teaching be underscored by the realization that the unique relationship that exists between humanity and God is what makes us sacred beings. This Good News is to be announced and proclaimed daily in our morning reflection and prayer.
  3. That we serve one another with an awareness that our giftedness is for the service of others, especially those pushed aside as insignificant in the world.
  4. That we provide outreach to the local and global community to promote justice in a world of greed and deceit. Classes will be invited to take part in projects of charity and social  justice.
  5. That we take time for special liturgical prayer as a community during the seasons of Advent and Lent and Easter.

Prayers And Liturgies

Prayer, scripture reflection, liturgy, retreats and the sacraments provide the school community with the opportunity to deepen our relationship with God and with one another knowing. Through the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time, students will be exposed to the story of our salvation from Abraham to Jesus. Woven through the liturgical cycle are the biographical sketches of those who responded enthusiastically to grace in their lives and have lived fully the gospel virtues. Various forms of prayer will continue to be a part of the spiritual and religious formation of the students. Class Masses will also be celebrated in the school chapel  and in our parish church. Reconciliation will be available to all the students. Communal celebrations will take place with all students in  the chapel. The students are encouraged to visit the chapel for personal prayer and to take part in community prayer. Support from our local parishes, St. Mary’s and St. Anne’s, is sincerely appreciated by  our school community.

Student Retreats

The Cardinal Leger retreat program provides students with a spiritual and religious experience outside the classroom setting.  The retreats are usually held during the school day.

Grade 9 Theme: Building Christian Community
The Grade 9’s explore the theme of “Building Community”. The students work through a number of “Initiative Tasks  in order to develop skills in consensus decision making and team building. Throughout the afternoon student discuss their morning experiences and explore ways to build healthy community that reflects Gospel values. The facility at Cedar Glen Outdoor Centre is used.

Grade 10 Theme: Who Am I? My Gifts and Challenges
Students see the current stage show at Famous PEOPLE Players, meet the cast, participate in an interactive blacklight workshop. Company President and Founder, Diane Dupuy, a member of the Order of Canada, electrifies the students and empowers them to realize the importance of living out their dreams while respecting others and the planet. Today more than ever we need to help young people to trust their own journey and not just follow the crowd.

Grade 11 Theme: World Religions/Prayer
With their Grade 11 Religion class, the students take part in a retreat day and visit local places of worship. The focus of the retreat is to encourage in the students an appreciation for various cultures/religions and to experience the meaning of “spiritual development.” During the afternoon portion of this day students participate in centering prayer.

Grade 12 Theme: Ministry of Service
The students are taken to Canadian Food for Children Warehouse (Dr. Simone’s) to prepare and fill crates of food and goods to be shipped to a variety of missions in developing countries.  In the afternoon, the students are led through a reflection that helps them to see the importance of responding to the needs of “my sister and brother.”

Student Council Retreat
The student council‘s role is to minister to the student body by promoting the theme of the school year.  The retreat focus is to develop a programme that meets the spiritual and community needs of the student body.

Theology And Family Studies

As we commence this school year,  we are reminded of our role as a Catholic community. St. Paul informs us in I Corinthians 13:4 that Love is patient, love is kind… it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. At Cardinal Leger we encourage students to develop a prayer life and to respond to the stirrings of grace in their lives. Our hope is that students will strive to incorporate and portray love in all that they say and do.

Theology courses are compulsory for each grade level. These courses instill in our students the fundamentals of love and the importance of love within the global community. The Catholic secondary curriculum includes the study of biblical, historical, ethical, sacramental, theological, and the pastoral teachings of the Catholic Church and our Christian heritage.  The Theology department, in its catechetical role, is mandated to teach and model the Gospels and the teachings of the Church.

As a Catholic community, the staff and students of Cardinal Leger Secondary School are encouraged to live their daily lives as Disciples of Christ. In prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit, we strive to be aware of His presence in our midst. The Holy Spirit’s guidance, enlightenment and strength will enable us to respond to His inspirations faithfully. Theology courses serve to deepen our understanding of God and Church and the unconditional love that God has for His People. 

Pastoral Care And Counselling

The leader of Chaplaincy services accompanies members of the school community on their faith journey. Pastoral Counselling is offered to those who experience grief, conflict, distress and crisis in their lives. Ongoing consultation with the administration, student services, the youth and social worker provides strong support for the students.

An important part of pastoral care is reaching out to and supporting those who have experienced a significant loss. Grieving can be lengthy and complicated; the chaplain, guidance counselors, and other school staff make themselves available to assist students and staff in their bereavement, working with individuals as they strive to reestablish an emotional and spiritual equilibrium an annual memorial liturgy and a student-centered bereavement group.

The Chaplain represents the school at funerals and visitations. Every November, the Remembrance Book is displayed for staff and students who wish to pray for loved ones who have died.  Retreat days and/or weekly support groups assist students in their grief.

Social Outreach

The social teachings of the Church and the example of Cardinal Paul Emile Leger are the foundations of the school’s response to the poor and the marginalized.

With the assistance of the Development and Peace Organization, guidance is given to students to help them understand the ways of changing economic and social structures which lead to a just society. Through charity and fundraising, support is given to agencies to sustain the work of justice through education and financial backing. 

Cardinal Leger students have been responsible for donating to a transportation project in the community of Consuelo which allows for the Haitian children to attend a high school in Consuelo.

H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday) is an outreach group at Leger that coordinates outreach to the community.

The following projects are part of Leger’s outreach to those in need:

Christmas baskets, Share Life, Knights Table, the Brampton Coats Program, Canadian Food for Children, St. Vincent de Paul, bussing for children in the Dominican Republic.


The School Body actively supports and generously contributes to ShareLife, the charitable fundraising arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto.

Staff Faith Development

The staff of Cardinal Leger is invited to participate in conferences and retreats that support their faith and their teaching vocation.  Retreats, prayer services, and liturgies are available at the school to encourage and inspire teachers in their ministry to students. Information about faith programs in the board and the archdiocese are posted. 

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