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Cardinal Leger Catholic Secondary School
"Growing in Truth and Love"
  • Cardinal Leger Catholic Secondary School
  • 75 Mary Street
  • Brampton ON , L6W 3K5
  • Principal: Jason Pratt
  • Vice Principal(s): Catherine McLean
    Jennifer Kingshott
    Yonas Lijiam

  • Superintendents: Tammy-Lynne Peel
  • Trustee: Anisha Thomas (Brampton Ward 3, 1)
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Co-operative Education

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Program Description

Co-operative Education is a planned learning experience for which credits are earned, that integrates classroom theory and learning experiences in a community placement, to enable students to apply, expand and refine knowledge and skills.

The knowledge and skills of the in-school course are applied in a practical work environment. Such experiences assist students in preparing for future careers and making successful transitions to post-secondary education, apprenticeship programs, or to the workplace.  

Application Process

All students who apply for Co-operative Education must participate in an application process. This process provides students and parents/guardians with information to decide whether the program will meet an individual’s educational goals. Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Interviews are mandatory. 

Co-operative Education experiences include:

  • a personalized placement learning plan (PPLP) based on course curriculum expectations. 
  • credit delivery (2, 3 or 4 credits in a semester)
  • pre-placement instruction and orientation (including health and safety preparation) 
  • provision for Workplace Safety Insurance Board coverage 
  • regular monitoring at the Co-op placement by the co-operative education teacher
  • integration of classroom and workplace learning 
  • reflective/integrative learning classes 
  • student assessment


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