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St. Julia Catholic Elementary School
"Like the sunflower follows the sun, always turn towards our Good God."
  • St. Julia Catholic Elementary School
  • 6770 Historic Trail
  • Mississauga ON , L5W 1J3
  • Principal: Robert Di Prospero
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Adrian Scigliano
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 11)
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St. Julia Catholic Elementary School

Saint Julia Catholic Elementary School has approximately 420 students from kindergarten to grade 8. It was opened in September 2004, and was blessed on April 7, 2005. St Julia School was established to support Catholic parents in their responsibility for the spiritual, religious, moral, academic and physical needs of their children, in accordance with the teachings of the Church.

St. Julia School was named for St. Julie Billiart of France (1715-1816). St. Julie's spirit came from her deep belief that to live fully, one needed to be large-hearted. She cared for the sick and wounded during the French Revolution and founded the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur after seeing a vision of the crucified Lord. She died peacefully on April 8, 1816 at the age of 64. Julie was canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1969. Her feast day is April 8.

The school motto is: "Like the sunflower follows the sun, always turn towards our Good God," a saying of St Julie Billiart.




Our School Day

School DayTime
Morning Supervision Begins8:30am
School Begins8:45am
Morning Recess10:10am
Afternoon Recess2:05pm
School Ends3:15pm


 School Year Calendar

Please click on the link below for the School Year Calendar for the upcoming School Year.

 This contains such important dates as First and Last Days of School, Holidays, PD Days and March Break.

 2019-2020 School Year Calendar-Approved.pdf




The transportation information for your child(ren) is available at:

CALL: 905 890 6000


OEN # can be found on the front page of your child's report card.

Please click on the link below for information about transportation - eligible riders and distances; courtesy seats.


If your child is a first time bus rider, please watch this Introduction Video.

Safety Tips

Young Rider Orientation Day


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