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St. Isaac Jogues Elementary School
"Learning to Live! Living to Learn!"
  • St. Isaac Jogues Elementary School
  • 300 Great Lakes Drive
  • Brampton ON , L6R 2W7
  • Principal: Jennifer Page
  • Vice Principal(s): Kristina Burns

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Darryl D'Souza (Ward Brampton Ward 2)
    Shawn Xaviour (Ward Brampton Ward 9, 10)
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Eco Team

Thanks to the initiative of Ms. DiPasquale, Ms. Bentley, the teamwork of several teachers, the efforts of the students, and the generous donations from Home Depot Trinity Common​, our school has been looking very beautiful and we have been helping mother nature!

The School Eco-team continues to collect pop tabs which will be donated in June to Sick Kids Hospital and go toward building wheelchairs. Please send your poptab collection with your child or it can be dropped in the bottle placed in the foyer at the entrance.Please collect the poptabs over the summer and send them in with your child in September.
As part of the Green Initiative by the Board, schools are asked to certify as Ecoschools. There are 3 levels of certification. – Bronze, Silver & Gold. For the past three years our school received the Silver level. Recertifying as an Ecoschool reflects a commitment to the environment.

The 4 pillars that are considered for certification are:
1. Ecological Literacy (workshops/lessons to make students & teachers aware of their responsibility to take care of the environment).
2. Engagement in practices to become environmentally responsible citizens (energy conservation)
3. Waste minimization
4. School Ground greening.

The Ecoschool team comprises of students from grade 3 to 8, the principal, the secretary, a parent, & the custodian together with teachers. It strives to:

  • help our school community develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce our ecological footprint.
  • inspire, engage and empower today's youth to make a difference while developing active citizenship skills and ecological literacy by responding to the increasingly urgent issue of climate change
  • build a caring whole school community engaged in environmental learning and actions
  • provide leadership opportunities for students
  • green our school grounds with rich areas for outdoor learning that enhance local biodiversity

The students of the Ecoteam regularly conduct  energy audits to ensure energy is not wasted during the school day. “Lights Off” stickers are placed in every classroom to remind students & teachers to switch the lights off when not required. Teachers and students are encouraged to choose natural light over artificial light & use the blinds to conserve heat.

Regular waste audits are carried out. Students are reminded to recycle properly. Every Thursday is Litterless Lunch Day.

Earth Hour and Earth Day activities are planned and held by members of the Ecoschool team.

Other initiatives included The Steps Program – walking instead of being driven, Collecting Pop Tabs – will go to help make wheelchairs, Use a reusable water bottle, Big Crunch and Big Gulp, Battery and Marker recycling and National Sweater Day!

​We invite you to stop by and catch a breath of fresh air in our garden.

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