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St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School (Mississauga)
"We C.A.R.E.: Catholic Community, Acceptance, Respect, Excellence"
  • St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School (Mississauga)
  • 249 Church Street
  • Mississauga ON , L5M 1N1
  • Principal: Angela Cavaliere
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Laura Odo
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 11)
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Eco News!


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Congratulations St. Joseph community for your success in the Reusable Bottle Challenge!

With your help, our school community met and surpassed our goal of replacing disposable drink packaging with reusable bottles. Before our challenge began, we counted 227 reusable bottles brought to school on one day. During the challenge, we saw approximately 336 reusable bottles brought to school each day.

Using reusable bottles helps to reduce the amount of waste our school sends to the landfill, and conserves precious natural resources. Over the four week challenge, our students brought to school 2684 reusable bottles. As a reward for surpassing our school-wide goal, we will be having a Game Day in the gym on Wednesday December 13th!

The top classes in each division are:

Primary – Mrs. Barranca’s Class and Mrs. Suljak’s Class
Junior – Mrs. Martin’s Class
Intermediate – Mrs. Sajda’s Class

These classes will receive popcorn and a movie on Friday December 8th.

Hats off to Mrs. Martin’s class for having the highest participation in bringing reusable bottles and winning the Grand Prize. They brought in a grand total of 282 bottles. They will be going on a trip to Streetsville Bowl on Thursday December 7th!

Not only did students do an excellent job bringing reusable bottles during the challenge, we were also im-pressed to see students continuing this important waste reduction action after our challenge concluded. The Region of Peel, Ecosource, and our school would like to thank everyone for their dedication to reducing waste and contributing to a healthier environment. Keep up the great work St. Joseph!



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