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St. Joachim Catholic Elementary School
"Celebrating Our Faith"
  • St. Joachim Catholic Elementary School
  • 435 Rutherford Road North
  • Brampton ON , L6V 3V9
  • Principal: Joe Lise
  • Vice Principal(s): Simon Salameh

  • Superintendents: Brian Diogo
  • Trustee: Anisha Thomas (Brampton Ward 1)
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Our Faith

​​​​​​Pastoral Plan St.Joachim Catholic elementary school 2023-2024.pdf


When you choose to send your child to a Dufferin-Peel school, we assure you a holistic Catholic education. We do this through…

Teaching Religious & Family Life education in each grade,

· living our faith daily through prayer, celebration and liturgy,

· building community and “retreat”,

· active involvement in charity and initiatives of social justice from a Catholic context,

· ensuring everything we do is embedded with Catholic values and content.

Our school is part of the St. Anne's Parish. We consider our Pastoral Team, Rev. Joel Pabilona, Jr., Pastor and Rev. Jobby Muppathiyil Joseph, Associate Pastor to be an integral member of our school community.

Please visit the church’s website for more information or email the church at


Mass Times: Monday to Saturday 9:15 am/Saturday Vigil: 5:00pm Sunday: 8:00am, 10:am & 12:00pm

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