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St. Jerome Separate School
"Living and Learning in Faith"
  • St. Jerome Separate School
  • 790 Paisley Boulevard West
  • Mississauga ON , L5C 3P5
  • Principal: Mark Falcioni
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Mississauga Ward 7)
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​School History

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St. Jerome was a priest, writer and teacher. He was born in Dalmatia, Croatia in 340 AD. After completing his studies in languages and law, St. Jerome reflected deeply on the purpose of his life.  He looked for a more meaningful way in which he could serve God and others.  St Jerome entered a seminary where he studied and became a priest.  Under Pope St. Damasus' directions, St Jerome was asked to translate the New Tewtament into the modern Latin, spoken by the people of that time.  The original books in the Bible were written in three languages: Hebrew, Greek and Latin.  St. Jerome translated both the New and Old Testament.  This incredible task took St. Jerome thirty years to complete.  He was the first scholar in his time to translate the Bible into one starndard language, easily understood by all.

     St. Jerome frequently read the Gospels which helped him to grow in wisdom.  Many sought his advice as he was famous for being wise, learned and an eloquont speaker.  He wrote beautiful letters telling people about Jesus and His plans for His people.  He also worte books on the Bible which provided Christians with a deeper understanding of God's word.

     St Jerome went to Bethlehem and joined a monestary.  This special community consisted of Christian men living together: praying, working, teaching others about God's love and  helping the poor and the needy.  St. Jerome helped to open a school in which he taught the local children of Bethlehem the Greek and Latin languages.  He never got tired of teaching God's word.  During the later years of his life, he prayed and continued his studies and writings on the Bible in a cave. 

St. Jerome died in Bethlehem in the year 420 AD.

St. Jerome is one of the greates biblical scholares of all time. He is called the Father and Doctor of the church and the"Man of the Bible"  One of his most famous sayings was:

 "Now we have to translate the works of Scripture into deeds, instead of talking of Holy things, we must enact tems" 

Since St Jerome spent a lot of time studying languages and books like the Bible, St Jerome is known as the protector of Scholars and patrron saint of Librarians.


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