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St. Jean Brebeuf Catholic Elementary School
"Faith - Community - Excellence"
  • St. Jean Brebeuf Catholic Elementary School
  • 63 Glenforest Road
  • Brampton ON , L6S 1L8
  • Principal: Claudio Moschella
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Brian Diogo
  • Trustee: Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 8)
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History of St. Jean Brebeuf School

St. Jean Brebeuf Elementary School, situated at 63 Glenforest Road, opened in 1974.  Today, it has approximately 332 students of diverse backgrounds.  The school motto, "Faith - Community - Excellence," encourages a well-rounded and value-centered education with acceptance and care for others.  Liturgies are celebrated at the school and at St. Anthony of Padua Parish on special occasions.  In addition, staff and students celebrate monthly prayer gatherings and in June 2010 created a Peace Garden at the front of the school.   Over the years, St.Jean Brebeuf has shown a strong involvement in the community.  Students are given many opportunities to develop their faith, body and mind by participating in Youth Faith Ambassadors, various sports teams, clubs and activities. 

St. Jean Brebeuf



Jean de Brebeuf was born March 25th, 1593 in France. He was a Jesuit missionary and was known as "The Apostle of the Hurons."  He first came to Canada in 1625 but returned to France when the English occupied New France.  Jean de Brebeuf returned to Canada in 1633 and went to Huronia (present day Georgian Bay area) to serve the Huron people.

Jean de Brebeuf encountered many difficulties while bringing the Gospel message and had to return to Quebec in 1640. He was a Jesuit priest and one of the first to integrate into a Native Canadian community.  He came back to the Huron people in 1643 where he lived until his death. He developed a catechism in the Huron language and a French-Huron dictionary.

Jean de Brebeuf was captured and martyred by the Iroquois on March 16th, 1649. Brebeuf was canonized in 1930 with seven other missionaries who are collectively called the Canadian Martyrs.  He is the second patron of Canada, with his feast day being celbrated on September 26th.  A shrine to the memory of Brebeuf and the other Canadian Martyrs is found in Midland, Ontario.



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