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Iona Catholic Secondary School
"Life is a Gift, Faith is a Journey, Learning is our Challenge"
  • Iona Catholic Secondary School
  • 2170 South Sheridan Way
  • Mississauga ON , L5J 2M4
  • Principal: Carl Cini
  • Vice Principal(s): Maria Pallotta
  • Superintendents: Cairine MacDonald
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Ward 1)
    Sharon Hobin (Ward 2)
    Sharon Hobin (Ward 8)
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Regional Arts Program

‚ÄčRegional Arts and Culture Dance Program


Arts and Culture Dance Timeline  2018-2019

Arts program vs SHSM letter

Dance application package 2018-2019

Regional Arts and Culture Program Information

Regional Arts Program Application 2018




Or call Alice Howell at (905) 823 0136 ext. 65142.  

Bussing Information

Please note that the Dufferin-Peel School Board and the School do not provide bussing for Arts and Culture program students who do not live within the catchment area.  Public transportation and car-pooling are recommended. 

There are many gifts but always the same spirit.  Matthew 25:15

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