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Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School
"Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly, With our God"
  • Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School
  • 115 Glenvale Blvd.
  • Brampton ON , L6S 3J7
  • Principal: Rita Borg
  • Vice Principal(s): Josie Lorenzon
  • Superintendents: Les Storey
  • Trustee: Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 8)
    Regional School – All Trustees
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Thank you for visiting the website for Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School.

  • Holy Name of Mary has temporarily located to:
  • 3566 South Common Court, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 2B1 until our renovations are completed. September 2020, we will still remain at our temporary location.
  • Phone number 905 458 5541 – Main Office
  • Fax number 905 458 4741
  • Email queries to:

  • New links to communicate with your Guidance Counsellors via Google Classroom:

    Mrs. Sunjka's Google Classroom link for students with last names (A - MEM):

    Mrs. Aguirre's Google Classroom link for students with last names (MEN - Z):

    Please use the links above and avoid emailing counsellors directly.

  • Students will be provided their schedules September 11, 2020
  • Please only bring nut-free snacks – cafeteria services will not be available due to Covid 19
  • Bussing information may be found on  It is highly suggested you sign up as you will get bussing alerts etc.
  • Personal electronic devices are allowed and encouraged
  • Students will keep belongings, backpacks, snacks (peanut-free), water bottles (already filled) and learning materials in the classroom

Communication for the School Community

Disturbing images of Anti-Black racism are dominating social media. We know this has had a profound impact on students who are experiencing a range of feelings, including hurt, confusion, and anger.  

Students have reached out to ask for an opportunity to connect, talk and be heard about the profound impact of Anti-Black Racism on their lives. To support students at Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School,  Support Services will be hosting a forum on Monday June 22, 2020 @ 10:00am.

The forum will be facilitated by Child and Youth Workers and Social Workers who are passionate, trained and eager to listen and respond to youth who have been impacted by Anti-Black Racism. The forum will not be recorded.  School staff will not be present in an effort to maintain the utmost confidentiality. Students wishing to attend must register and provide contact information as a safety precaution.  Informaiton will be emailed to students.



Step #1:

Email us at to let us know you are interested in joining our wonderful school.  You will also need to inform the original high school you applied to and fill in a transfer request form with them.​



​1.  Register online using the following link:

​​​​2.  We will review your package and contact you for an interview and next steps.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 905-458-5541 ext. 31400


 Recent Updates  - Resources -  Please Read:

Letter - Dr. Nicola Mercer - Back to School - Parents.pdf NEW!​​​​

Letter to parents and guardians re school reopening September 4 2020.pdf NEW!​​​​

Directors Welcome Back Community Letter September 4 2020.pdf  NEW!​​

Parent Guide Return to School​  ​NEW!

September 1st Message from Principal HNMRY.pdf ​NEW!

IMPORTANT Community Information Bulletin Secondary School Re-entry Update August 31 2020.pdf ​NEW!

Sept. 3 Return to School Student Health and Well-Being - Dr. Monica Hau.pdf​  ​NEW!


Distance Learning Virtual Classroom Supports and e-Resources Summer_2020.pdf ​

Community Information Bulletin Message Resources and Supports for Families June 3 2020.pdf 

Community Information Bulletin Message Updates FINAL June 2 2020.pdf 

Parent Engagement.pdf 

Parent-Guardian Message from Director May 20 2020.pdf 

Minister of Education Letter to Parents May 19 2020.pdf

May 15 Tips for Students.pdf 

May19 DPCDSB Letter to Educators Synchronous Teaching and Learning FINAL.pdf 

Community Information Bulletin Mental Health and Well Being Resources Letter May 4 2020.pdf 

Mental Health Supports in Peel during COVID 19_APR 29.pdf 

Director's Letter to the DPCDSB Community April 29 2020.pdf 

Continuity of Catholic Learning Quick Reference Guide April 28 2020.pdf 

Parent Guardian Guide to Continuity of Catholic Learning revised April 16 2020.pdf 

Frequently Asked Questions April 2020.pdf 

Letter to Parents of Grade 12 Students at HNM Regarding Graduation and Prom.docx.pdf 

DPCDSB - Parent Document April 8 2020.pdf 

Distance Learning Supports and Resources For Students With Diverse Learning Needs.pdf   

Community Information Bulletin HNM Relocation Extension April 23 2020.pdf 


  • Bussing is funded by the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board for this coming school year, as long as we are located at 3566 South Common Court, Mississauga.  Once renovations are completed, bussing will not be provided.
  • Visit​ to obtain your bussing information -  follow these instructions:

Please call STOPR at 905 890 6000 extension 2 if you are having any difficulties

​IT has now been confirmed that:

  1. ​Busses in the AM only  will pick students​ up right on the elementary school property (where this applies)
  2. Busses in the PM will drop students at the road​


Important Memos - Please Read:

Holy Name of Mary Bulletin 3 - Renovation Project.pdf

Community Information Bulletin 3 Labour Relations Oct 2 2019.pdf

Community Information Bulletin Lead in Water November 2019 FINAL.pdf

Community Information Bulletin Bus Cancellation Notifications November 2019.pdf

2019 December Trustee Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Community Information Bulletin Ontario Ministry of Education Bullying Survey.pdf



Community Information Bulletin Grade 9 EQAO Mathematics Assessment January 2020.pdf



Community Information Bulletin Coronavirus Jan 27 2020.pdf​


Community Information Bulletin Coronavirus Update March 10 2020.pdf

Community Information Bulletin Coronavirus Update March 13 2020.pdf

The following is sent to you on behalf of Marianne Mazzorato, Director of Education:

 2018-19 Director's Annual Report

Collaboration and cohesion are among the characteristics of successful teams and I believe our 2018-19 Director's Annual Report stands as evidence of the relationships among DPCDSB stakeholders that created and nurtured the environment for success over the past year.

It is my pleasure to share this document with you. I believe it reflects the Vision of the Board of Trustees and the DPCDSB's ongoing focus on meeting this vision in alignment with our Multi-Year Strategic Plan and our inherent commitment to Equity and Inclusive Education.

These highlights are representative examples of how we have partnered with family and church to provide a Catholic Education which develops the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical capabilities of each individual.

My profound gratitude goes out to our faculty and staff, administrators, senior management, trustees, parish priests, parents/guardians, students, unions and associations and our many other community partners for all they do in helping us deliver a quality Catholic education to the thousands of students in our care.

Blessings to you all.


Marianne Mazzorato, Ed.D.
Director of Education​


Important Update from our Trustees:​  

2019 Year-End Trustee Newsletter FINAL.pdf

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