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Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School
"Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly, With our God"
  • Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School
  • 115 Glenvale Blvd.
  • Brampton ON , L6S 3J7
  • Principal: Claudia Lehecka
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Brian Diogo
  • Trustee: Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 8)
    Regional School – All Trustees
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Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) enables students…

to gain sector-specific skills and knowledge in the context of engaging career-related learning environments. SHSM helps them focus on graduation while pursuing their postsecondary goals.

Pursuing a Specialist High Skills Major enables students to:


  • customize their secondary school education to suit their interests and talents while meeting the requirements for the OSSD;
  • select a bundle of 8 to 10 required Grade 11 and 12 credits focused on sector-specific (i.e. Social Justice) knowledge and skills that are designed to help prepare students for their postsecondary pathway; 
  • explore, identify, and refine career goals and make informed decisions about their postsecondary options; 
  • take part in "reach ahead" experiences that will help them gain confidence in their ability to be successful, refine skills and work habits, and make an informed choice about future careers;
  • develop Essential Skills and work habits that are required in the sector, and have their performance of those skills and work habits assessed and documented;
  • gain confidence in their ability to succeed, and see the connections between their studies, the world beyond high school, and their future careers;
  • begin to establish relationships and networks in their chosen field;
  • receive a SHSM Record that documents sector-related certifications earned and training courses completed.


The Non-Profit sector


In Canada, there are at least 50,000 direct or indirect jobs in the sector of international development and relationships. These opportunities are found in the federal, as well as in the provincial and municipal government, the private foundations, NGO, associations and private sector. According to the HR Council for the Non-Profit Sector,

"The nonprofit sector is uniquely positioned to offer a range of careers that are dynamic, engaging and rewarding. Whether in the fields of art, culture, education, the environment, health care, social development or sport, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector's common vision: to make a difference."


The Business sector

The business sector is the central pillar of Canada’s economy; it is bursting with opportunities, from positions as accountants and clerks to administrators and retailers.  Globalization and new technology, offers opportunities to young entrepreneurs to aim at the international market.

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Each Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) consists of varied required components. Students must successfully complete all the required components in order to earn the SHSM designation on their diploma – a red seal embossed with the words "Specialist High Skills Major".  Please visit the Ministry of Education website for more details at: Drop by the Guidance office for more information.


Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Required Credits

Students must complete a defined bundle of 8 – 10 required HNM Grade 11 and Grade 12 credits to earn the SHSM designation on their diploma. This bundle of credits includes:

  • 4 Major Credits – enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills.
  • 2 – 4 Other Required Credits – contain contextualized learning activities (CLA’s) that connect learning in these course with the SHSM sector.
  • 2 Cooperative Education Credits – related and authentic learning experiences in a workplace setting.

Successful completion of all SHSM components is indicated on the student’s Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

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