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St. Hilary Catholic Elementary School
"Living By Faith"
  • St. Hilary Catholic Elementary School
  • 5070 Fairwind Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L5R 2N4
  • Principal: Gwen Scanlon
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Adrian Scigliano
  • Trustee: Thomas Thomas (Mississauga Ward 5)
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Our Faith

Here is information about our Virtues, and St. Francis of Xavier Parish.


We are currently implementing the Virtues Education program.

 A virtue is a habit or established capacity to perform good actions according to a moral standard. A Catholic school is the ideal place to practice and prepare to live a virtuous life. Many elements of Catholic character and virtue are developed in Dufferin-Peel schools. In the coming year, our schools will focus on these particular virtues:


 Faith - God made us to live together as a family community.
 Empathy - God wants us to care about everyone.
 Conscience - God helps us to choose to be good people
 Hope - God helps us to keep on working for a more peaceful world even when we feel discouraged.
 Self-Control - God wants us to do what we know and feel is right.
 Respect - God wants us to treat all people with the respect they deserve. 
 Kindness - God wants us to give generously to others around us. 
 Love - God wants us to serve and to see the goodness in everyone we meet. 
 Acceptance - God wants us to make friends with everyone no matter how different they may look or act. 
 Fairness - God wants us to treat each person as we would like to be treated.


 When we act out these virtues, we are making the presence of God visible in the world around us. We will be participating in our own prayer that: your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.(Mt 6:10) 

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