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St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School
"Together we learn"
  • St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School
  • 515 Hartsdale Avenue
  • Mississauga ON , L5G 2G7
  • Principal: Laurie Mundy
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Dulcie Belchior
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 1)
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Understanding Literacy

"A love of reading and a taste for literature are the finest gifts we can give our children, for we have started them on the path of a lifetime pleasure."

(Charlotte Huck, Children's Literature in the Elementary School)

Consider these goals for your child's reading development:

1. To enjoy and be encouraged to read. To experience satisfaction and success from reading.

2. To develop a regular routine of reading.

3. To develop confidence in oneself as a reader.

4. To appreciate a wide variety of literature ( poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays)

5. To develop the skills, concepts, and abilities necessary to communicate in a literate society.

Supporting Your Child's Reading Efforts

Keep in mind, the goal of reading is understanding.

To help your child understand the reading process, share with them what you do as you read.

Reinforce your child's reading. Comment positively on a reading behaviour or skill you notice is improving.

Continue to read to your child even after they are independent readers, opportunities to hear stories above their reading ability stretches their comprehension skills, expands their vocabulary, provides a good example and nurtures a love of books.

If your child is really keen about one particular book, find similiar stories and compare.

Turn off the T.V.

Match books to your child's interests and reading ability.  Visit the library.

Be patient and supportive and enjoy observing your child's growth in reading and writing.



New Homework Policy

The homework policy may be viewed in full at A summary of the key features of the document is available to families in the student agenda.

Below are some helpful Be's to support families in the homework process:

Be positive                           Communicate a positive attitude towards homework.

Be consistent                       Develop a homework routine that includes a set time and space.

Be available                         Encourage independent work but be available for assistance

Be attentive                          Take a few minutes every day to chat about the school day.

Be a role model                    Let your child see you reading, writing, and using math.

Be a cheerleader                  Praise your child for the effort displayed.

Be observant                        Note any signs of frustration.

Be involved                          Participate in school functions.        

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