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St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Elementary School
  • St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Elementary School
  • 120 Veterans Drive
  • Brampton ON , L7A3Z7
  • Principal: Adrian Scigliano
  • Vice Principal(s): Karen MacDonald

  • Superintendents: Tammy-Lynne Peel
  • Trustee: Darryl D'Souza (Brampton Ward 6)
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Our Faith




Daniel Comboni, born in Limone, Italy, in 1831, knew at an early age that he would be a priest and missionary. His love was Africa, and in 1857, when God called him there, Daniel answered with all his heart and soul.

Daniel Comboni, the son of poor gardeners, became the first Catholic Bishop of Central Africa in 1877, and one of the great missionaries in the Church's history.  He founded the Comboni Missionaries and Comboni Missionary Sisters who carry out their founder's charism across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas today. St. Daniel Comboni was canonized in 2003 and remains an inspiration to all who have a heart for mission. His feast day is October 10th.


The cross is the one true comfort because it is the hallmark of a work of God - St. Daniel Comboni


2021-2022 St. Daniel Comboni Elementary Pastoral Plan.pdf

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