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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Secondary School
"One Through Prayer and Learning"
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Secondary School
  • 3700 Trelawny Circle
  • Mississauga ON , L5N 5J7
  • Principal: Jennifer Varnam
  • Vice Principal(s): Mary Ambrogi
    Nancy Tsiobanos

  • Superintendents: Martine Lewis
  • Trustee: Brea Corbet (Mississauga Ward 10, 9)
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​Mount Carmel offers students the opportunity to grow personally and make a lasting contribution to the community by joining any number of clubs and activities.  We currently have over 30 clubs and activities for students. 

Athletic Council

Athletic Council focuses on promoting and encouraging involvement in athletics.  Our aim is to foster a community environment by providing opportunities for students to come together through any and all athletic-related activities. 

We organize events both inside and outside of the school, giving students many opportunities to show off their Crusader spirit.  Mount Carmel’s Athletic Council has worked diligently to organize spirit wear sales, pep rallies, buy-outs, Friday Night Lights and Participaction/Charity days. 

In addition, we also celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes through our twitter account, the Chronicle and the annual Athletic Banquet.

Follow us on twitter @OLMC_athletics


Auto Club

Auto Club

Team Unbreakable

Team Unbreakable is a high school running program that inspires students to learn to run and helps them realize that physical exercise can help them cope with stress and its underlying conditions. It also strives to raise awareness of other teen mental health issues and the positive attributes of mental wellbeing.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel partners with Team Unbreakable and has its own running group of students who are motivated to learn to run, get healthy and reach a goal of completing a 5K Race. As a team, we strive to learn about proper nutrition, healthy living, running techniques, stress coping mechanisms and social awareness - in a safe, supportive environment.

All students are welcome to join – regardless of their athletic abilities.

If you are a student who is interested in joining the team, please contact Mr. Aquilizan in the Science Department for the proper forms.


OLMC's Team Unbreakable members receiving medals for completing The Unbreakable Bold and Cold 5K Race

If wish to learn more about the program please visit the following website:

Workout Handout: Program.pdf

Teamunbreakable.jpg ​​

Science Club/Olympic Team


If you’re interested in participating in fun, cool and challenging events or simply want to meet new people who share the same inquisitive nature as you do. Then look no further! Join the Science Club or Olympic Team. Both the Science Club and Olympic Team is composed of students from all grades who LOVE science, love to solve puzzles, investigate and learn new concepts about the living, chemical and the physical aspects of our world.
The Club meets once or twice a month to participate in activities chosen by the students themselves. These activities may include several concepts in any of the science disciplines.
The Olympic Team meets every other week, starting In February, in Room 006 to practice and prepare for several activities and challenges.
These challenges are creative “hands-on” events that The University of Guelph will hold at their annual Science Olympics in May.

A list of past events.

Follow this link for more information about the Guelph Science Olympics.
See Mrs. Farlie and Mrs. Simonetti for more information about the Science Club or to join.
See Mrs. Vukojevic and Mrs. Greer to join the Olympic Team, more information and to register for the events.​

Yearbook Club

Each June, the student body of Mount Carmel eagerly awaits the arrival of the annual yearbook. Thanks to over 30 dedicated students, who meet twice a week for the entire school year, the yearbook never fails to disappoint. Long after students have graduated high school, the yearbook will be a memento of their time spent at Mount Carmel.

Teacher advisors, Mr. Vukojevic is very proud of the time and effort this year’s team is putting into the yearbook.



Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an international charitable organization that helps to provide friendships for people with intellectual disabilities. OLMC is proud to support and encourage Best Buddies from within our school. By doing so we exemplify the Catholic virtues while making significant contributions to the lives of both our Planning for Independence students and the volunteers who contribute on a regular basis.





Chess Club

Chess Club is an enthusiastic social group that meets from when it gets cold and dreary (usually post-Thanksgiving) to when it get warm and sunny (usually Victoria Day). 

Earlier in the year we focus on skills and improving our play.  In the spring we begin to prepare for the various tournaments that we participate in locally. 

We are a relaxed club that is always looking for new members of varying skill. 

This year, we are meeting on Wednesday's after school in RM 4.



Concert Band

The Mount Carmel Concert Band is an extension of the music courses at the school and is the staple of the Mount Carmel Music Program. They perform at school functions such as Academic Awards Night, regional concert band festivals, and our own Christmas and Spring Concerts.  They are a diverse and energetic group with students from all grades.



Lead by Mr. Bove, Choir is a group of students ranging from Grade 9-13. Here, we expand and showcase our vocal talents in the Christmas concert, Spring Concert and even the school masses. With our talented altos, sopranos and tenors, we harmonize beautifully, bringing warmth and happiness to whoever listens. We welcome all who wish to sing. With your talents, we hope to accomplish our goal of spreading joy.


Jazz Ensemble

Modeled on a traditional Big Band from the swing era, our Jazz Ensemble gives saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and rhythm players a chance to learn elements of this genre of music.  Opportunities for ensemble playing and improvising challenge our members to learn and apply their theory.  Their efforts are showcased twice annually in our Christmas and Spring Concerts.



Glee is a student run club, which allows students to express their passion of music. This club is open to everyone willing to showcase their talents. Here, people are able to sing their favourite songs, and make friends all at the same time. Singing together in harmony, we sing, laugh, and dance until 4pm. All students are welcome.


Yoga Club

The yoga Club is running at Mt. Carmel every Wednesday after school in the Library, with over 30 members joining in the workout.  Yoga is much more than stretching, a common misconception.  Yoga is about finding your inner strength through guided movements that you control and in your own time and space.  "Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self." The Bhagavad Gita....

Yoga is an exercise
Yoga is a form of relaxation
Yoga is a stress relief
Yoga is meditation
Yoga is calming
Yoga is strength
Yoga is a challenge
Yoga is a form of energy
Yoga is finding yourself
Yoga is whatever you want it to be...

All are welcome.  If you are interested, please don't hesitate...join



The Salesian Catholic Leadership Retreat is an opportunity for senior students to grow in their personal faith and learn skills to be leaders in today’s society. 

Salesians are selected through an application and interview process and attend a three-day intensive retreat with students from schools across Dufferin-Peel.  Upon returning from this retreat, Salesian students are encouraged to use their experience in order to better serve the community at Our Lady of Mount Carmel through leadership, outreach and faith. 

Each year, the Salesians are responsible for presenting a reenactment of the Stations of the Cross on Holy Thursday.  Students who attend this retreat come back energized and become some of our community’s strongest leaders.

For more information regarding this retreat, see Ms. Cernjul.


​​MC Human Rights Committee

The MC Human Rights Committee (MCHRC) is a Catholic social justice group dedicated to raising awareness and applying the principles of direct action to issues involving sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia, homelessness, torture, poverty and military aggression. The MCHRC spends a considerable amount of time doing research, analyzing socio-political issues through the framework of Catholic Social Teachings (CSTs) and Gospel values, designing creative information displays, drama skits, presentations and peaceful protests against the use of violence both on a local and global level. In essence, MCHRC is committed to the process of social change, which involves seeking peaceful alternatives, organizing and taking action in a political and social system that too often rewards aggression and violence as a method of conflict resolution.

"Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of out time; the need for humankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence." - Martin L. King, Jr. (Civil Rights Leader 1929 - 1968).




Development and Peace - THINKfast

THINKfast is a 24 hour fast to raise funds and awareness for the Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. Our social justice themes include water rights, the refugee crisis, global warming, sustainable farming, mining and child labour to name a few. A dedicated committee of student leaders organize numerous activities and spiritual exercises to help others gain awareness about important global issues. Our Carmel community stands in solidarity with others to create a better world for all.  ​


The Crusaders In Action is a team of students whose primary ministry is to support the pastoral needs of the school through Chaplaincy. 

Working closely with the Chaplaincy Leader, Ms. Marshall, the CIA plans and leads liturgies and Masses, organizes fundraising and outreach initiatives and promotes the Pastoral Plan through a variety of activities and campaigns.  They are true faith leaders and role models in our school who dedicate themselves to spreading the joy of the Gospel and the teachings of Christ to all those they encounter. 

CIA meets on the second Wednesday of every month, after school in the Chapel. 

New members are always welcome!


Table Tennis


The Mount Carmel table tennis club starts up again on Monday December 2 and will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school from 2:30-3:30 and end on Wednesday March 4.  

All that is required to join is a good pair of running shoes, your own table tennis paddle, and enthusiasm!

Look for an announcement towards the end of November that will tell you where we will meet and play.

Environmental Club


2014 Update

The Eco schools results are in!!! Our Lady of Mount Carmel successfully achieved GOLD status for the 2013/2014 year.  This was a huge leap from our bronze rating in the previous year! Many thanks to the staff and students who helped us reach our goal by participating in the many initiatives sponsored by the EcoTeam and other clubs at OLMC.   One of our most significant accomplishments was the creation of our new outdoor classroom.  The Green Room, designed and built by the staff and students at OLMC, came to life on May 21st.  The classroom was officially launched on June 5th with a blessing and dedication ceremony attended by many special guests from across our school board including Associate Director Mcwatters.  The Green Room has quickly become a popular space at OLMC where many come to teach, learn and simply enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. 


This year, we hope to maintain our Gold status through the on-going environmental initiatives we participate in.  We will once again be involving the whole school in a waste audit, eco workshops, the Eco Buzz conference and the Big Gulp water campaign.  The eco team is also happy to announce that we will be adding a new water bottle filling station and fountain to the school which will reduce the use of plastic water bottles.


Green Room


Green Room Blessing



 Waste Audit Class



Great Gulp


Environmental Club

From hosting events such as "Flick Off Fridays" where lights are turned off in classrooms, to assisting with and supporting "Buy Nothing Day", the Environmental Club has been hard at work ensuring that Our Lady of Mount Carmel achieves the status of a "Green School".  To obtain this designation awarded by Ecosource, which is an organization that is funded by the Region of Peel, we must take action to reduce waste in our school.  Currently, Our Lady of Mount Carmel is one of two schools in the Dufferin-Peel striving for this designation.  To achieve this, we are focusing on major areas of concern within our school by identifying environmental problems and determining solutions to fix these issues that will then be put into action throughout the school year. 

Staff and students can look forward to the return of the infamous Recycle Man as well as observe new and innovative promotional recycling and environmental advertisements as they appear throughout the school.  We are currently designing improved waste disposal prototypes and encouraging staff to turn off energy using devices when they leave their classrooms.  Help establish Our Lady of Mount Carmel as the "Green School" of Mississauga by doing your part to help us reach this goal.

Link Crew

Link Crew is comprised of grade 11 and 12 student leaders who are trained to help transition our grade 9 population.  Senior students apply to be a Link Crew leader in March and if successful, are trained in May, June and August.  Their main role is to run a grade 9 orientation in late August which involves high energy bleacher work and small group discussions.  Working in small groups, the leaders will make lasting connections with the 9's, befriend them and help with any new challenges they may face as they enter high school.

Through positive role modeling and leadership, our leaders will ease transition for our incoming grade 9's so that they feel welcomed, connected and excited about coming to Mt Carmel!  In turn, they will experience success in a positive and supportive environment :)


Skills Canada

Skills Canada

Business Club

The Interact Business Club meets every Thursday in Room 201. It is a club where students interested in Business and the School community gather. We work with the support of the Mississauga- Meadowvale Rotary Club and Rotary International.

This year we organized a charity event for Halloween the Mount Carmel library was turned into a haunted house. All funds that are raised are donated to a charity. In the past, we have supported End Polio Now. This year, over $600 was raised for Grade 10 student Markus Hogg, who is currently figthing cancer.

We are a social club where all students are welcome. During semester one, we prepare for Business competitions that take place second semester. This year we plan on participating in the McMaster High School Business Heroes Competition, the University of Guelph Business Pentathlon, and The Appleby College Case Competition. In May, our school will also send students to the Annual Rotary-Interact Camp Enterprise.​

Business Interact Club.jpg 

hallween group.jpg

Prom Committee

Prom Committee​

Drama Club

This year's dramatic production will be a "mockumentary" style film. The School will chronicle the comedic day to day lives of the students and teachers at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Production will begin in November 2018 with the goal of a premiere in May 2019.​


Mount Carmel is proud to be the first school in Dufferin Peel to offer the Canadian Red Cross's program,  RespectED:  Beyond the Hurt.
Student members of OLMC's RespectED club all hold their Youth Facilitator designation from the Red Cross, after two days of intensive training. 
This program is an anti-bullying initiative working to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere within our school.  Youth Facilitators deliver workshops to their peers and act as role models within the community. They also spearhead events like the annual Club Fair, held every September, Bullying Awareness Week held each November, and Pink Shirt day every April.

​​Comic Club

Comic Book Club is a social club serving students who have a diverse interest in media literacy and pop culture. We are a social club where all students are welcomed. We meet every Thursday in room 005 between 2:20 pm and 3:30 pm beginning Nov. 15th. Students are encouraged to share their love of comic books and manga with other members. We watch a diverse range of animated series produced in Canada, the U.S. and Japan. We play video and board games together and discuss a variety of topics impacting the world today through the lens of animation, comic books and manga. In the past, we have even published our own comic book!

MCTV Broadcast

When most students are just getting up and having breakfast at 7:15 a.m. there are a group of hard working students already preparing for our morning MCTV broadcast, “MCTV LIVE”.  MCTV Live showcases the day ahead for OLMC students by broadcasting a live prayer and reflection and providing the daily announcements.  Whether it’s highlighting dates and times for clubs and team practices to congratulating successful athletes and clubs, “MCTV LIVE” helps get the entire school on the same page.  The team behind the scenes organizes all the information that is sent by teachers, administration and clubs into graphic slides for the broadcast, as well as the digital signage that keeps students up to date throughout the day.  The live broadcast is something that is produced and organized for students by students and our hardworking team is proud to be bring lights, camera, and action to the hallways and classrooms of Mount Carmel.

MCTV LIVE 1.jpg​​

MCTV LIVE 2.jpg 

Audio-Video Team

The A/V Team helps set-up and run over 150 different events over the school year.  School masses, assemblies, award shows and guest speakers are only a few of the events where our talented and hard-working team contribute their technical and organizational skills to the school.  Students usually join in Grade 9 and 10 and as they grow in their role they mentor and train new recruits to the program.  New students sometimes have had experience doing technical work at their elementary school, but many of our crew have had no experience but are eager and willing to learn.  At OLMC the A/V Team is the group that make things happen.




The X-Awards celebrates our students' achievements and commitment to excellence in all different extra-curricular clubs.






eShare link



THE_INITIATIVE. of Mount Carmel is a social awareness club that uses creative marketing tools to help raise awareness of the school community about social issues and to make students more active in and aware of  their local and international community.  From its inception, the club's intent is to help nurture creativity and to make young people more socially conscious.

Next year, the club will focus its efforts on a new issue and maximize the skills of the student members to create another amazing campaign.


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