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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Secondary School
"One Through Prayer and Learning"
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Secondary School
  • 3700 Trelawny Circle
  • Mississauga ON , L5N 5J7
  • Principal: Jennifer Varnam
  • Vice Principal(s): Mary Ambrogi
    Denis Radetic

  • Superintendents: Laura Odo
  • Trustee: Brea Corbet (Mississauga Ward 10, 9)
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Academic Resource Department

The OLMC Academic Resource Department provides services to students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) as well as students who require ELL Resource Assistance.  We are open every period of the day and are located in Rooms 001 and 002.  We provide an alternate location and quiet setting for those students who wish to write tests, work on assignments, use computers or for those who need work space on their lunch.  Students who require accommodations are encouraged to sign up, at least 24 hours in advance, to write tests.  Test accommodation forms can be found in ARD and must be signed by the subject teacher.  Students who plan to use technology are encouraged to sign up for such accommodations at least 2- 3 days in advance so that the electronic version of tests can be prepared for use on test day.  

Use of Memory Aids:

Only those students with memory aid accommodations on their IEPs are permitted to use study notes during tests and exams.  Students must prepare their own memory aid and review it with their subject teacher prior to the test day.  Memory aids can be typed or written.  If they are typed, the font must be 12pt.  The signed memory aid will be stapled to the back of the test when it is submitted to the resource teacher.  Please see the attached Memory Aid Guide for acceptable formats.

Exam Accommodations:

Students who require accommodations for exams will be asked to complete an Exam Accommodation Request form with their Resource Teacher. 

Extra Time:

Students who require extra time on tests will be asked to use part of their lunch to complete the test, so they don't have to miss time in another class.  Students are encouraged to plan for the use of extra time, even though it may not always be required.



 If you have any questions, please contact the team of teachers in the Academic Resource Department.

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