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John Cabot Catholic Secondary School
"Faith, Hope and Charity"
  • John Cabot Catholic Secondary School
  • 635 Willowbank Trail
  • Mississauga ON , L4W 3L6
  • Principal: Christopher Vincent
  • Vice Principal(s): Olivia Faraone
    Mary Cutrara

  • Superintendents: Dulcie Belchior
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 3)
    Stefano Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 4)
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What is a Specialist High Skills Major Program (SHSM)?

The John Cabot SHSM offerings are ministry-approved specialized programs that allow students in their final two years of high school to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school.  It also assists in their transition after graduation to apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace.​​

How will the ICT SHSM benefit you as a student?​​

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 5.21.19 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-04-25 at 5.28.19 PM.png

What happen​s at Graduation?​

 🔴 You will receive a special designation on your diploma signifying that you completed your specialized high school major requirements

🔴 You will also recieve your SHSM graduation sash showcasing your sucess.

shsm sash.png

Pathways Course Selections  

​​ICT Pathway.png

Post Secondary Options


What is John Cabot's ICT SHSM all about?

This next clip will demonstrate samples of work completed by Cabot students in the fields of 2d and 3d Animation, Film, Screenplay writing, storyboarding, photography, live close-circuit television and general all round studio management and maintenance. 


Be sure sure to click Subcribe to our YouTube channel to watch each semester's films in our very own Cabot Film Gala.


We have found a video by Kevin O'Leary that lets us know his opinion on photographers, film directors and graphic designers. In case you are having trouble seeing your future in ICT :)


Click --> More information from Ontario government site.​

For additional information, please see Ms. Navas

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