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St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School
"Pray and Work"
  • St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School
  • 345 Blind Line
  • Orangeville ON , L9W 4X1
  • Principal: Franco Troiani
  • Vice Principal(s): Shelley Nicoletta

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi (Dufferin Ward 1)
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Our History

​St. Benedict Catholic School was built in the year 1999.  It is one of 3 Catholic Schools in the town of Orangeville, ON.

An addition was built to accommodate the growth in school population. 

We currently have a student population of approximately 500 students. 

The school has had 6 Principals since opening.  Mr. Wilson, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Carr, Mr. Cockburn, Mrs. Quick, Mr.Lise​​​​​ and our current Princpal Mr.Troiani.

Mrs. Jones is our new Head Secretary. She began working at the school in September 2022. Mrs. Wasyliw retired after 19 years at the school.

St. Benedict is believed to have be born in the 5th century.  As a young man, he was sent to Rome to study under a nurse/housekeeper.  He disliked the education he was receiving, as well as the behaviour of those around him, for he felt that the pursuit of pleasure, not truth, was more heavily emphasized.  As such, he left Rome with his nurse/housekeeper and went to live in a small village.  In doing so, he gave up his inheritance.

After a time, God called Benedict to even greater solitude and reflection.  Benedict retreated to the mountains of Subbiaco, and lived under the instruction of a hermit named Romanus.  Benedict spent several years in prayer and solitude.  Word of his holiness began to spread, and monks began to ask for his guidance and leadership.  Benedict was originally reluctant to lead the other monks as he was concerned his rules would prove too strict for them to follow.  (Indeed, the first few times he attempted to lead others in monastic life, this proved to be true.)  Eventually, however, Benedict created a monastary in Monte Cassino which became the foundation of monastary life in the Catholic Church.  St. Benedict was the first to create monastic communities. His beliefs and instructions on religious life became known as the Rule of St. Benedict - and is still used today as a guide for monastic life.   

St. Benedict is the patron saint of Europe and students.



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