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St. Basil Catholic Elementary School
"Living, Loving, Learning"
  • St. Basil Catholic Elementary School
  • 4235 Golden Orchard Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L4W 3G1
  • Principal: Gerard Masse
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Dulcie Belchior
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 3)
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Our Faith

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Patron Saint St. Basil

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St. Basil the "Great" (329-379 AD) was born in Cappodocia in Asia Minor, now modern-day Turkey. He was known as a talented thinker, organizer and reformer. He did much to help spread Christianity. Around the age of 26 he gave up his wealth and a promising career to become a monk. He was soon joined by others. Using his great organizing ability, St. Basil founded many monasteries. St. Basil loved people deeply and did all he could to ease their sufferings. He gave away many of his belongings to the poor, and urged other wealthy people to do the same. He told them that rich people were merely the stewards or caretakers of the wealth they had been granted by God. In 374, St. Basil became the Bishop of Caesarea and the Church called upon him to defend orthodox Christianity against Arianism, a heretical type of Christianity promoted by the emperor. This brand of Christianity stressed that Jesus was not God. St. Basil wrote against the heresy and preached to crowds about the importance of the Trinity and the Incarnation. After the emperor died, Arianism weakened. St. Basil showed that he loved and cared for people in many ways. He established a hospital for sick people. He built an inn for people who were passing through his city with no place to stay. St. Basil also organized a food kitchen to distribute food and meals to the needy and assisted in prison reform. He corrected priests and bishops who were setting a bad example. Using his writing talents, St. Basil created solemn lyrical forms of prayer that are still used today by the Russian Orthodox and Eastern churches.

The feast of St. Basil is celebrated January 2nd.


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