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St. Augustine Secondary School
"Ever Ancient Ever New"
  • St. Augustine Secondary School
  • 27 Drinkwater Road
  • Brampton ON , L6Y 4T6
  • Principal: Jason Pratt
  • Vice Principal(s): Domenic Sbrocchi
    Toni Di Franco
    Yonas Lijiam

  • Superintendents: Adrian Scigliano
  • Trustee: Anisha Thomas (Brampton Ward 4, 1 & 3)
    Darryl D'Souza (Brampton Ward 5, 6)
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A scholarship is an amount of money given to you to help you with the cost of post-secondary education - either college or university.
You can apply to an unlimited number of scholarships.
Create a free profile and the search engine will match your profile with scholarships, bursaries, and cash prizes. There are millions of dollars of scholarships available on this site.
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This site will only list scholarship opportunities for students going to university.
Sign up for a profile and search for scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants.
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Access the free scholarship database by creating a profile. Profiles will be matched to scholarships, bursaries and grants.

OSAP - Ontario Student Assistance Program
This website has many scholarship opportunities along with resources to help you to apply for student loans. 

Click here to see the Scholarship Master List

​Lincoln M. Alexander Award

The Lincoln M. Alexander Award honours youth who have demonstrated leadership in eliminating racial discrimination in Ontario. The award was first given in 1993. Three awards are given each year: two student awards and one community award. Recipients receive a personalized certificate as well as a $5,000 cash award. 

Application Deadline: TBA
Click here for more information.





​Retail Council of Canada (and its industry partners)

Retail Council of Canada, in partnership with industry sponsors, will award more than $85,000 in scholarships and benefits to students entering or currently enrolled in a business, marketing or retail-related program at a Canadian post-secondary institution

Application Deadline: March 30, 2013 
Click here to view the TBA



​Fireside Catholic Publishing

The Fireside Scholarship was created to recognize top religion students in Catholic high schools. Five $1,000 cash scholarships will be awarded.

Deadline for application: TBA
See a guidance counsellor for more information.


​University of Waterloo Scholarship Program

Each year the University of Waterloo offers a number of entrance scholarships to outstanding students entering first year. These scholarships are offered by the faculty, University college, and in some cases, the department to which you're seeking admission.

Click here for more information.


​University of Guelph

The University of Guelph offers 12 scholarships valued at $32,000 each and includes a research assistantship position and mentorship by one of Guelph's leading professors. These scholarships reward top students from across the nation and recognize academic excellence, innovation, community and school engagement, and leadership.

These scholarships will be allocated as:
President's Scholarships
Chancellor Scholarships
- Lincoln Alexander Scholarships
- David Mirvish Scholarships  
- Pamela Wallin Scholarships

Deadline: TBA





​Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program was established in 1982 through a grant by the Government of Canada to commemorate Terry's courage and tenacity in his cross-Canada Marathon of Hope. The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award recognizes the benevolence of young Canadians and encourages them to continue in their humanitarian work while attending college or university in Canada. In the spring of 2006, the Department of Canadian Heritage provided the program with a $10 000 000 endowment aimed to increase the number of awards granted each year. The program is open to graduating secondary school students and those currently studying towards their first university degree or diploma.

Click here for more information.





​Schulich Leader Scholarships

The scholarships are designed to ensure that future Canadian and Israeli leaders are among the next pioneers of global scientific research and innovation.

Graduating students planning to study one of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at designated universities are eligible to become Schulich Leaders. The four-year Schulich Leader Scholarships are valued at $60,000. Twenty Canadian and five Israeli* recipients will be chosen to study one of the STEM subjects in their respective countries.

Application deadline: TBA
Click here for more information.






​Allan Simpson Educational Funds Awards
Independent Order of Odd Fellows

The Allan Simpson Educational Fund was established in May 2002 to assist with the costs of post secondary education for young people who are full orphans (both parents deceased). The annual awards are available to qualified applicants in their quest for a post secondary education and will be renewable if the applicant maintains a passing average as a full time student at the University or College.

Application Forms must be submitted no later than March 1st.

Click here for more information.





​Father Ted Colleton Scholarship

The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship serves to encourage young people to learn about pro-life issues, the pro-life movement and to become actively involved in its programs. There are three prizes: $1500 first prize, $800 second prize and $500 third prize. A writing contest co-sponsored by The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region RTL is a determining factor in the awarding of the scholarships.

Writing contest deadline is December 1, 2015.

Click here to download more information.


​Horatio Alger Ontario Scholarhip Program 

For students in financial need who are currently in their senior year of high school and graduating in the spring of 2016

Students may apply online between September 1 - November 1, 2012 at :


​Congress of Black Women Scholarship

Attention all potential graduates of African or Caribbean heritage. The Congress of Black Women would like all graduating students (male and female) who have applied to College or University in the fall, and who are actively involved in the community through volunteer work to apply for their scholarship.

Applications can be picked up in Mr. Donovan's office and must be submitted by TBA


​United Achievers' Scholarship

Do you have a strong academic record? Are you actively involved in the community and/or extra-curricular activities? If you said yes to both of these questions, please see Ms. Robinson in Guidance for an application form for the United Achievers' scholarship. In order to be eligible, you must also be of Black or Caribbean heritage, living in the peel region and in need of help with funding for your education next year.

Applications must be submitted no later than TBA



​Nipissing University Scholarships

For students heading to Nipissing University for a BSc with Concurrent Education in September, this is for you! Nipissing is offering 100 $6,000 scholarships to students who have a minimum 75% average in their best six 4U/4M and who can demonstrate community volunteerism and financial need. Visit for application form and more details.




​The Miller Thomson Foundation 2011 National Scholarship Programme

100 entrance scholarships, $3,000 each. Eligible candidates must have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement (minimum 87% average), have made a positve contribution to their school through extracurricular activities and have made significant contributions of time and energy to community service programs. Deadline is TBA. Apply online at



​Toronto Real Estate Board Scholarship

Four (4) scholarships will be awarded annually totalling $15,000.
To be eligible, students must be graduating and must submit an essay.
Due date: TBA.

See Guidance for an application form


​Burger King Scholarship

$50,000 scholarships now available to all eligible high school seniors and Burger King employees, their dependent children, spouses or domestic partners. High school seniors must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale to be eligible.

Application Period: TBA
Details and how to apply:




​Wiesenthal Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes a student who exemplifies tolerance, justice and human rights. First place - $1000; second place - $500; third place - $250.

Duedate: TBA
Print off an application form at


​Big Dig Scholarships

  • 1 $3,000 award.
  • Candidates must be in Gr. 12, attending college/university in 2016. 
  • Short essay must be submitted. 

Deadline: DeTBA for more information



​Mathieu da Costa Challenge

  • 3 $1,0000 awards
  • Deadline: TBA
  • Candidates must be between the ages of 9 and 18
  • Must submit an original piece of writing or artwork that celebrates the contributions made by Canadians of Aboriginal, African or other ethnocultural backgrounds to the building of Canada

For more details visit



​1800 Wheelchair Scholarship

  • 1 $500 award
  • Candidates must be 16 years of age, legal resident of Canada or hold a valid student visa and carry a status of "Good Standing"

Deadline: TBA
For more details visit


​BBG Communications Scholarship

  • 1 $1000 award
  • Candidates must be between 16 and 21 years of age, and must attend post secondary in 2016.
  • Must submit answers to two essay questions.

Deadline: TBA 
For more details visit


​Laurier University

100 new scholarships to help Laurier celebrate 100 years of education. To be eligible, students must apply to be a first year student; demonstrate leadership, passion and achievement; have a minimum average of 80%. Completed application must be submitted including: explanation of how student embodies leadership, passion, and achievement; three work experiences; a highlight of the student's extra-curricular activities and volunteer experience.

Deadline: TBA
For more details visit





​House of Commons Page Program

Interested in working with the House of Commons? Become a House of Commons Page and work in the House of Commons while beginning your studies at a university in the National Capital Region. Pages must work a minimum of 15 hours a week and will be paid a salary of $11.69. To be eligible for this amazing opportunity, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; attend a university in the National Capital Region in September 2016, have an overall average of 80%, and be fluent in both French and English. All applications must be submitted online to by TBA.



​TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

TD Scholarship for Community Leadership ($75,000)- Eligible students are in their final year of high school, have demonstrated outstanding community leadership and have obtained a minimum average of 75% in their most recently completed full year of school. Application forms are available at

Deadline for applications is November 27, 2015
See your guidance counsellor, or check out the website for more details.




​Professional Engineers Ontario: Aspiring Engineer Scholarship

The Brampton Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario is offering a $500 scholarship to 2 aspiring Engineers. Must be starting at an Ontario University in September 2016. Application form to be submitted by TBA. Download form at



​Huron University College at Western

Huron University College rewards academic excellence and provides a number of automatic scholarships as well as scholarships that require an application. Huron guarantees a scholarship to any Canadian secondary school applicant with a final admission average of 90% or higher.

Deadline - TBA
For more information click here.



​Brampton Historical Society - Paul Hunt Bursary Awards

Two bursaries of $500.00 each to Brampton students graduating from secondary schools in Peel who go on to studey Canadian history, or related subjects.

Deadline is July 15th 2016
See Guidance for details or visit


​Garfield Weston Awards

The Garfield Weston Awards program was established in 1999 by the generous contribution and vision of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation. Administered by the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation, the program is designed to recognize outstanding college-bound students who show a strong commitment to their fields of study and are interested in making positive contributions to their communities.

Deadline - TBA
For more information click here.



​Ontario Hostelry Institute

If you are a college or university student in a hospitality, culinary or food and beverage program in Ontario or a high school student planning to go into any one of these programs, check out our awards and apply. In addition to providing generous financial assistance, an Ontario Hostelry Institute Award will be a valuable and prestigious addition to your resume.

Deadline - TBA
For more information click here.




​University of Toronto Portuguese Association (UTPA)

This scholarship was founded to encourage the Portuguese youth of today to take initiative in pursuing a post-secondary education at The University of Toronto. It serves also to foster an increased concern among our youth for their future and the opportunities that such an education gives way to.

All applications must be received by TBA.
For more information click here.



​McMaster Entrance Awards

McMaster's Entrance Awards are provided exclusively for students qualifying for admission to Level I of a first undergraduate baccalaureate degree in a full time program in the Fall/Winter session

Click here fore more information and to download application

Hatch Scholarship McMaster Engineering Entrance Award 
4 $48,000 scholarships for secondary students entering Engineering. Deadline TBA. Eligible candidates must have a final grade average of 88%, demonstrate leadership experience and extra-curricular and community involvement.
Application forms online at





​Hydro One Brampton Scholarship Award

$1,000 scholarship promoting Electrical Safety, Energy Conservation and Environmental Awareness. Interested candidates must have good academic standing and will be attending a recognized Canadian college or university in the fall. All candidates are required to complete and submit an application form, a copy of their most recent transcript and a one page essay on one of the three electricity-related topics indicated above.

Deadline: Friday, May 20, 2016
See your guidance counselor for application forms.

Click here for more information about this scholarship award.




​Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship

The Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship is designed to recognize students who have shown academic excellence at the high school level and to assist students with financial need.

Apply on line: OSAP Website or use OSAP paper application form

For more information visit: Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship




​June Callwood Harmony Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes the outstanding achievements of youth in promoting harmony and diversity across Canada. Apply for a scholarship today if you are a graduating high school student who will be attending a postsecondary institution in the fall and have worked on promoting diversity issues(Race and Ethnicity, Class, Family, Gender, Age, Ability, etc.)

Ten recipients will be each awarded a $1000 scholarship at the Harmony Award Banquet in November. The deadline for applications is June 30th of every year.

For more information about the scholarship and how to apply, visit



​Jean Lumb Awards

Students enrolled in any high school in the Greater Toronto area who is of Chinese heritage, Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and have overcome challenges or hardships are particularly encouraged to apply.

Deadline: TBA 

The 11th Annual Jean Lumb Awards will be given to four outstanding young people who have achieved excellence in:

  • Academics 
  • Athletics 
  • The Arts 
  • Community Services

Application Forms
For more information visit Jean Lumb Awards





​The Loran Scholar Program

Character, service and leadership are the selection criteria for Loran Awards. Loran scholars are people of strong moral character who have demonstrated academic excellence and potential as leaders.

A Loran Award includes four years of funding for undergraduate studies and a comprehensive enrichment program.

Application Deadlines: Sposored Applicants TBA
Direct Pool Applicants TBA 

Canadian Morehead-Cain Scholarship

Selection for the Morehead-Cain is based on the four criteria or moral force of character, scholarship, physical vigour and leadership. It is tenable only at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. The Morehead-Cain Scholarship is granted to as many as three students annually from Canada.









​Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation Scholarship and Citizenship Award

For students actively involved in community service and volunteerism!


Due Date for submissions must be received in our office on or before the last day of January each year.

For more information visit




​Spirit of Hospitality Scholarship

Recognizes individuals who have a passion for the hospitality industry (Culinary or Pastry, Food and Beverage, or Hotel Services) and are planning for a career in this exciting industry.

Application Deadline: TBA
Spirit Scholarship Application Package



Brock University​

The First Generation Program is available to all students who are the first in their immediate families to attend post-secondary education.


​Laurentian Bursaries

Bursaries to Laurentian of between $600 and $1000 are now available

Application Deadline: TBA
In order to submit an application students must log into their Applicant Portal

Application Forms
Laurentian Entrance Scholarships




​The Toronto Regional Board of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA) has launched a new industry Scholarship program that will help fund graduating high school students who choose to enter the fields of Culinary Management or Food and Beverage Management in Ontario community colleges.

Application Form
For more info visit:



​Any student who is of Grenadian heritage(self, parent,grandparent), resides in Ontario and plans to attend college or university in September may now apply for the "Grenada Associations Bursary/Scholarship".

Application Form
Consulate General of Greneda in Toronto



 The James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Award

​To commemorate the Honourable James K. Bartleman’s term as Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, the Government of Ontario has created the James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Award.

Each year, the program will recognize up to six (6) Aboriginal students for their creative writing talent. Creative pieces may include, but are not limited to short stories, poems, essays, plays, or songs and must be original work created by the student.

Submission Form
For more info visit





​Western University National Scholarship Program

  • Up to 10 President's Entrance Scholarships valued at approx. $50,000
  • Up to 10 Faculty Entrance Scholarships valued at approx. $30,000
  • One Beryl Ivy Continuing Entrance Award valued at $64,000
  • 50 National Merit Awards for $2,000
  • Applicants required to submit a nomination form 
  • No more than four nominations per school. 

Deadline: TBA
Contact Norma Merino, Office of the Registrar, at 519-661-2111 ext. 85958 or email

Click here for more more details





​Earth Day Scholarship Program

  • 1 $5,000 entrance award
  • 20 $5,000 awards for excellence in academic and extracurricular activities and commitment to the environment.

Deadline: TBA or for details

​Toyota Earth Day
Scholarship Program
Cultivating Tomorrow's Environmental Leaders


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