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St. Augustine Secondary School
"Ever Ancient Ever New"
  • St. Augustine Secondary School
  • 27 Drinkwater Road
  • Brampton ON , L6Y 4T6
  • Principal: Alexis Galvao
  • Vice Principal(s): Yonas Lijiam
    Joanne Le Prevost-Groves

  • Superintendents: Adrian Scigliano
  • Trustee: Anna da Silva (Ward Brampton Ward 4, 1, 3)
    Darryl D'Souza (Ward Brampton Ward 5, 6)
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Level/Course Change Forms

Students Requesting a Course Change

Students are allowed to request a course change for the first THREE days at the beginning of each semester. 

Changes will only be made if a change form has been completed and signed by a parent. 

Changes will not be made for students who: 

  • Request to have a class with a different teacher 
  • Request to have a class or lunch period with their friends

Changes will only be made if there is space in the course requested.  If a course is full, a student may request to be placed on the waiting list (see your guidance counsellor for more details).

Request For Timetable Change Form

Students Requesting a Level Change

We strongly encourage students to choose courses at a level that best reflects their past success.  We suggest students and their families talk to previous teachers and take into consideration their recommendations.

A level change may be requested if the student has chosen a course that is too difficult.  Level changes should be requested as soon as possible to allow for academic success.  Change requests are reviewed with current classroom teachers, guidance counsellors and an administrator.  Changes are made on an individual basis.

Level changes will only be made if a form has been completed and signed by a parent.

Generally, a level change cannot be made after four weeks of a new semester. 

Request For Level Change Form


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