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Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Secondary School
  • Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Secondary School
  • 7640 Anaka Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L4T 3H7
  • Principal: Kylie Richardson
  • Vice Principal(s): Ivan Mesich

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Thomas Thomas (Mississauga Ward 5)
    Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 8)
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Ascension Student Log On Information

 ATTENTION!  Students, Parents, and Guardains

Updated Information from the Board-April 14, 2020

Guide to Help Parents and Guardians help students. (click here)

A Message from the Principal of Ascension of our Lord Catholic Secondary School  Kylie Richardson

Since our school is currently closed, this message is to give direction on how to move forward with Distance Learning.


Please have your child check into their individual class on-line daily.

  •  Students can access a variety of on-line learning platforms by visiting the Student-Portal at
  • When students access the Student-Portal,  the page they see will display a series of tiles, each with their own icon on them.

This page is our new virtual school, where students can access their virtual classrooms by selecting the


See the source image

Google Classroom Tile

See the source image


Office 365 Tile


Here they will also be able to access cloud-based programs such as Microsoft  Windows, Powerpoint, & Excel to name a few.


Student are required to logon using their regular student logon on -  domain name of, and entering their passwords. Students can reset their password by selecting the Reset Password tile, and filling-in the appropriate boxes.


 Students are encouraged to visit the Student-Portal on a regular basis. This is where they will be able to conduct their distance learning using internet-connectivity, and a network or wifi-enabled device.


We thank you for your continued patience and support as we look to continue to fulfill our commitment to a Great Catholic Education in these unprecedented times.”


Kylie Richardson

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