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Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Secondary School
  • Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Secondary School
  • 7640 Anaka Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L4T 3H7
  • Principal: Kylie Richardson
  • Vice Principal(s): Ivan Mesich

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Thomas Thomas (Mississauga Ward 5)
    Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 8)
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Ascension of Our Lord CSS Senior Ice Sports Class (The Hockey Class)

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Ascension of Our Lord CSS introduced a senior Ice Sports Physed class in 2019. 

Teacher/Coach Barry Carolan teaches 24 senior students per year to skate, play hockey, figure skate, and also introduces curling, ringette, and skiing. The program has been sponsored by Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation and NHLPA Goals and Dreams. Students receive new equipment from the sponsors and have ice time paid for so there is no cost to earn this PAL3040H credit.
Students in the course start as non-skaters and learn basic ice hockey skills following Hockey Canada guidelines. By the end of the semester these students will be confident skaters with some of them looking to enroll for the first time in a hockey league. Students who show interest in continuing in hockey will keep all of their equipment and all students will keep their skates and helmets. 
Students learn about the culture of hockey and other ice sports as part of the curriculum. In the past, students were treated to some on ice specialty coaching by legendary NHL/Olympic commentator, Ron MacLean along with NHL’s Toronto Maple Leaf’s Skating Instructor, Barbara Underhill. 
Thank you to Canadian Tire Jumpstart and NHLPA Goals and Dreams for supporting this program.

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 2022-2023 HOCKEY CLASS

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Video Links-click on the below titles

Video Links-click on the below titles

2019-2020 HOCKEY CLASS

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