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St. Andrew Elementary School
"We are Unique."
  • St. Andrew Elementary School
  • 50 Meadow Drive
  • Orangeville ON , L9W 4C8
  • Principal: Anthony Maiolo
  • Vice Principal(s): Sandi Tuzi

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Frank Di Cosola (Ward Dufferin Ward 1)
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‚ÄčOur St. Andrew Teaching Staff

FDK A   Ms. Hebert & Ms. Szuky

FDK B   Ms. Bell & Ms.Habarta

FDK C   Ms. Minnella & Ms. Ankner

Grade 1A      Ms. Frazese

Grade 1B      Ms. Haga

Grade 2A      Mrs. Ledda

Grade 2B      Ms. Albanese

Grade 3A      Mr. Malec

Grade 3B      Mr. Plewes

Grade 4A      Ms. Ziedler

Grade 4/5A   Mr. Zimmerman

Grade 4/5B   Mr. King

Grade 5AEF  Ms. Di Marco   

Grade 6AEF  Ms. Lyon

Grade 6B      Mr. Watters

Grade 7AEF  Mrs. Di Marco

Grade 7B      Ms. Prendergast

Grade 8AEF  Mr. Sullivan

Grade 8B      Mr. Sawa

Teacher Library  Ms. Orr

French/Planning Time    Ms. Smits, Mr. Murray, Ms. Nolan    

Special Education   Ms. Macdonald, Mr. McGee and Ms. Kingstone

Educational Resource Workers  Ms. O'Blenis and Ms. Wilson

Secretary     Ms. Cameron

Custodians   Mr. Cowell, Mr. Polcz and Mrs. Andrade

Vice Principal  Ms. Branco

Principal   Mr. Maiolo

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