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Cardinal Ambrozic CSS
"We are God’s Hands"
  • Cardinal Ambrozic CSS
  • 10 Castle Oaks Crossing
  • Brampton ON , L6P3A2
  • Principal: Manny Farrugia
  • Vice Principal(s): Benson Amun
    Vincenzo Angaran
    Daniella Gizzi

  • Superintendents: Wayne Brunton
  • Trustee: Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 10, 8)
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Our Faith

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Pastoral Plan 2019-20

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The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is committed to providing quality Catholic education which serves the academic, social, physical and spiritual developmental needs of our students.

The historical mandate of the Catholic school system in Ontario is to model the entire syllabus of the school on the life and teaching of Jesus.  As such, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board has expectations of all students admitted.

 Our religious expectations are as follows:

  1. All students will enrol in a Religion course in each of the four years.  All religion courses are approved by the appropriate Catholic authority.  The Government of Ontario recognizes that Religion credits count towards a secondary school graduation diploma.
  2. All students will participate in an annual retreat for the first four years that they are in a secondary school.  The retreat normally takes place during the school day at a site off school property.  The school chaplain organizes the annual retreat based on spiritual developmental themes appropriate for adolescents.
  3. Given that the spiritual component of Cardinal Ambrozic Secondary School is infused throughout all aspects of school life, students will participate in the prayer and in the liturgical life of the school.  Catholic students are expected to participate fully as mandated by their sacramental Baptism.  Non-Catholic students are expected to participate to the extent that they can.  It is not the intention of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board to proselytize, however, it is our tradition that the entire school participates in all of the religious events that occur during the school year. 
  4. The Catholic District School Boards of Ontario follow approved provincial curriculum.  Given the distinctiveness of Catholic schools, the Government of Ontario recognizes parallel curricula for our system based on Catholic course profiles.  All courses in all subject areas, in a Catholic secondary school, are taught from a Catholic point of perspective.


CARDINAL AMBROZIC CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL:  School Motto:"Jesus is Lord" and "We are God's Hands"

Mission Statement:
Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School is a Catholic Cultural Proficient Learning Community focused on learning and results, providing all students the opportunity to make positive choices, succeed in their faith, hopes and aspirations in a safe, caring and inclusive environment, while discovering where they story fits in our Catholic tradition.

Theme for the Year: "Catholic Education: Igniting Hope"

Identify the location of the retreat, groupings (class, or grade level), theme, facilitator, supervision (chaplaincy leader and/or staff)


All grade 9 retreats days are facilitated and led by our CORE team retreat leaders.  ALl retreats will be invited by homerooms and 2 classes per date will attend the Croatian Franciscan Centre - Queen of Peace indoor and outdoor grounds in Norval. The theme of the retreat focuses on Transitions and New Beginnings, while realizing the importance of our own history and story in connection with others.  Students will be invited to participate in liturgy, a series of cooperative and community building games and activities, an opportunity for students to share their personal stories and break-out sessions facilitated by our CORE Team.  ​


These religion class retreats are held at The Sara Elizabeth Centre in Vaughan ON.  The theme of the retreat focuses on Building Healthy Relationships and responding to our call to Sainthood.  Topics covered include Creation, mental health and wellness, hearing the call of God in life (vocations), and actively responding to God's call to Sainthood.


These religion retreats will be attended by two classes at a time.  The theme of the retreat focuses on interfaith dialogue.  It will involve a tour of various places of worship in connection to the religions studied in the Grade 11M Religion course.  The day begins in the chapel with an introduction to the Catholic Church teaching on interfaith dialogue.  Next, students have an opportunity to tour (with an available tour guide at each venue) the Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar (Sikhism) in Brampton, the Bait ul Islam Mosque in Vaughan, the Solel Synagogue in Mississauga, and end the day with prayer at St. Patrick's Catholic Church.


The grade 12 retreat will be a joint event with our Student Council and take place here at Cardinal Ambrozic.  The theme of the retreat focuses on 'Social Justice' and the 'Dignity of all Persons' central to Catholic Social Teaching. It includes a keynote speaker and Graduation class Mass in the morning, followed by a communal BBQ on school grounds, and ends the day with activities on our field and school grounds.  Students are tasked with a variety of responsibilities for the day, including lunch meal preparation, clean-up and recreational activities, preparing a school video of the graduating class, and also leading a number of games for their classmates.  


  • CORE Team Catholic Student Leadership (ARC)- identified grade 9 student leaders
  • Student Council
  • A-Team
  • Retreat for Students in the Planning for Independence Program (PIP)
  • Retreat for Students in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Program (Organized by the Academic Resource Department in collaboration with Chaplaincy)
  • Salesian Leadership Retreats

    The Fast and the Servious is a Day of Service and Overnight Retreat for approximately 130 students around the theme of social justice

Activities of a Religious Nature

with a substantial component of ritual and prayer

Tuesday September 17, 2019Opening Mass (Gym)
Friday October 11, 2019PA Day Liturgy
Tuesday December 3, 2019Sacrament of Reconciliation (on all 3 lunches)- Chapel
Tuesday, December 10, 2019Advent Mass (Gym)
Wednesday February 26, 2020Ash Wednesday Liturgy (Gym)
Tuesday March 3, 2020Sacrament of Reconciliation (on all 3 lunches)- Chapel
Tuesday March 24, 2020Lenten Mass (Gym)
Thursday April 3- Friday April 4, 2020Fast & Servious Overnight Fast

Thursday April 9, 2020  


Holy Thursday/Week Assembly

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Year End Mass
Tuesday May 26, 2020Grad Mass and Grade 12 Retreat Day
Monday, June 22, 2020Graduation Ceremony
Friday, June 26, 2020Year End Staff Mass


Pastoral Activities

November 1, 8, 2019

May 6,7, 2020


Canadian Food for Children
(15-20 students, 1 staff member)

  • Working in the warehouse to organize and package food and necessities to be distributed in containers throughout the world
Monday, October 7 - Thursday, October 11, 2019
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
Thursday October 2019

When Faith Meets Pedagogy Youth Conference

(1 staff member, student delegation from each school)


Monday November 11, 2019

Remembrance Day Liturgy


Wednesday November 20- Friday November 22, 2019

Salesian Leadership Retreat (Semester 1) to be held at St. Francis Centre, Mono. (8 students max., 1 staff member)

  • Students are provided an opportunity to be part of a community of faith-filled students, supported by the DPCDSB and under the charism of St. John Bosco

Monday December 2 –
Friday, December 13, 2019
Christmas Basket Drive
Wednesday March 4, 2020

Ordinandi Luncheon (1staff member, 5-10 students)

  • Students from Catholic high schools all over the Archdiocese of Toronto are invited to lunch and listening to the vocation stories of men that are being ordained to the priesthood

Wednesday March 25- Friday March 27, 2020

Salesian Leadership Retreat (Semester 2) to be held at St. Francis Centre, Mono. (8 students max., 1 staff member)


Monday, March 30 -
Friday, April 3, 2020
ShareLife Week (will include an assembly that showcases the work of one of the ShareLife organizations)
Friday April 3- Saturday April 4, 2020

The Fast and the Servious (Day of Service and Overnight Retreat)

  • Students will participate in a variety of service placements during the course of the day (incl. the Scott Mission, Good Shepherd Refuge, the Knight's Table, Villa Amica, Sara Elizabeth Centre, Regeneration Warehouse, and Street Missions)
  • Each placement will have 10-20 students and 1 staff member
  • Overnight retreat is a annual 'fast' that includes activities of a social justice nature, participation in recreational and community building activities, and an evening mass



Monday, April 6 -
Thursday, April 10, 2020
Various Activities in Connection with Holy Week
Wednesday April 15-17, 2020Salesian Leadership Retreat (Semester 2) to be held at St. Francis Centre, Mono. (8 students max., 1 staff member)
Monday May 4- Friday May 8, 2020Various Activities in Connection to Catholic Education Week
Thursday May 21, 2020

Inter-faith Conference


Chaplaincy Core Team Retreat Model (Catholic Leadership)
These activities are organized by the Chaplain in conjunction with teachers and Catholic partners in the identification and formation of grade 9 student leaders: 

1.  Formation retreat (September)
- building a caring and compassionate community
- sharing our story
- review our school year
- September 25-27, 2019
- Grade 9 retreats, 2019-20 (CORE team retreat leader facilitation)
2.  Education Series (October –December)
- Catholic Social Teaching (October)
- Facilitation Training (November)
- Equity & Diversity Training (December)
3.  Retreat planning and organization (February- April)
- Grade 9 retreat, 2019-20 school year
- Retreat Leader Formation
- February and April
4.  Identification of Leaders (May)
- Grade 9 students
- invitation to overnight retreat
- distribution of application forms, letters to parents, CORE buttons, and pot luck social

Staff Faith Development                        
Catechesis and faith formation among our staff:

  • Mass is celebrated to begin the first staff gathering for the academic year
  • The Chaplaincy Leader in coordination with our Adult Faith Ambassadors will invite staff to participate in all Family of Schools faith building events
  • Creation and facilitation of staff twilight retreats during the Seasons of Advent and Lent at St. Patrick's parish
  • Staff liturgies to mark the beginning of the school year, the end of Semester 1 and beginning of Semester 2, and the last day of school
  • Staff Prayers for all meetings and social gatherings
  • Staff are invited to participate in creating or reading reflections over the PA during the morning exercises
  • Staff will be invited to all liturgical events provided by the DPCDSB
  • Special liturgies will be planned to address unexpected events as needed
  • Our school staff will create a community that promotes well-being. Included in this is "Hearts and Flowers" which commemorates important moments for staff and students. In this way, the image of the Paschal candle is used to symbolize the connection to our faith in marking important moments like births, deaths, illness and marriage.
  • Mass cards from the Society of the Little Flower are given to staff members (on behalf of the school community) who have experienced the death of a loved one
  • Looking to create Professional Development Day for all staff devoted to Catholic Leadership in Teaching


Chapel Guidelines and Expectations

The Chapel welcomes all and is primarily used for prayer and silent reflection. This provides the opportunity for staff, students and the greater, River Hawk community as well as any visitors to the school, the ability to spend time outside of the regular school day in prayer.  Please be cognizant of those in prayer and refrain from talking and eating while in the Chapel.  Any conversation should occur outside of the Chapel.

Since the Blessed Sacrament is present, you are entering a holy place of worship and prayer.  Catholics believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Therefore, it is important to be respectful and reverent at all times, in this sacred space.  

Every Tuesday morning at 8 AM Mass is celebrated. All are welcome.

Finally, you are encouraged to read your Bible and any other spiritual reading material in the Chapel.  Also, feel free to journal as part of your praying time.  Cell phones or personal electronic devices are not permitted in the chapel.   



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