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Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School
"We are God’s Hands"
  • Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School
  • 10 Castle Oaks Crossing
  • Brampton ON , L6P3A2
  • Principal: Manny Farrugia
  • Vice Principal(s): Vincenzo Angaran
    Andrew Rulli
    Clementine D'Souza

  • Superintendents: Brian Diogo
  • Trustee: Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 10, 8)
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Honour Roll & Awards

Honour Roll and Awards 

Honour Roll Students:  Students achieving a final average (a combination of semester one and two grades) of 80% and higher, with no mark in any course being less than 50%, will be recognized.  Students in grades 9 & 10 must carry four credits each semester. To be eligible for recognition on the Honour Roll, students must take all courses in the same academic year during the day program at Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic S.S.  The names of the Honour Roll students for each school year will be published at the beginning of the following academic year.

Highest Academic Average Award:  Students with the highest average in each grade will receive this award.  Students must take a full course load of 8 courses in order to be eligible.

Subject Awards:  Students with the highest academic average per grade 9 and 10 course in the school will receive the subject award.

Graduation Ceremony: Students who attain their 30 credits and 40 hours of community service at the end of the academic year will be eligible for the June Graduation Ceremony. Those students who attain less than 28 credits or choose not to recover their remaining 2 credits at the upcoming summer school do not qualify to graduate with their class. Those students will graduate the following year.

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