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St. Alfred Separate School
"Every Child, a Promise"
  • St. Alfred Separate School
  • 3341 Havenwood Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L4X 2M2
  • Principal: Lori DeWitte
  • Vice Principal(s): Roberto Orofiamma
  • Superintendents: Martine Lewis
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Ward 3)
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Virtues at St. Alfred

A Year of Virtues


Why Virtue Formation?


A Catholic Faith Community is rooted in a set of common beliefs which are inspired by the life, mission and teachings of Jesus. As a Catholic Community we are called to learn, to grow and to become more like Jesus in the way we see and treat others. Our Catholic faith plays an important role in helping us shape schools that are safe, caring and inclusive.

Catholic School education provides us the opportunity to integrate virtue formation into all areas of our school life within the context of our faith. St. Alfred Catholic School will again focus our attention on the Catholic Virtues. This program is designed to help us nurture virtue and character development in the lives of our students. Each month, the entire school will focus on a different virtue. Classroom activities, school wide activities and assemblies will all focus on the nurturing of a specific virtue.

We would appreciate your support in discussing these virtues with your child and encouraging behaviours that demonstrate these virtues. Here is a list of the virtues we will be nurturing this school year:

Virtue Formation at St. Alfred School


¨On announcements we are using prayers that depict the monthly virtue

September  Faith - Cross

October  Empathy - Shoe

November Conscience- Fire

December Hope- Wreath

January Self-control- Key

February Respect - Crown

March Kindness - Dove

April Love - Heart

May Acceptance- Giving tree

June Fairness - Justice Scale


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