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St. Alfred Separate School
"Every Child, a Promise"
  • St. Alfred Separate School
  • 3341 Havenwood Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L4X 2M2
  • Principal: Julie Lavalle
  • Vice Principal(s): Roberto Orofiamma
  • Superintendents: Martine Lewis
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Ward 3)
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School Council

​​School Council


The  next St. Alfred Parent Council Meeting Date is: Monday, April 20th 2020 at 6:30pm.

Members of this year's School Council are:

Chair:      Catherine Pudel 
Secretary:    Stephanie Seidell
Treasurer:   Catherine Pudel
Parish Rep:  Vy Obedencio
OAPCE:     Tanya Escoffey

Non Teaching Representative:  P. Jorge 

Teaching Representative: R. Romano 

All Parents are always welcome to join us.

Together in Christ!


Volunteers are needed as members of the 2019-2020 St. Alfred Catholic School Council.  Many vital programs are funded and made possible by the work of our school council members.  Some of these programs include the following:  subsidizing school agendas, educational excursions, outdoor sports equipment, Sacramental gifts, Graduation awards and refreshments, school dance, hot lunch options etc.  Information regarding participation in the Catholic School Council and applications for Criminal Reference Checks are available at the school office.


The yearly election of representatives to a Catholic School Council is extremely important to any Catholic School. The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board recognizes the importance of the partnership of schools, parents/ guardians, the Church and the community in creating a positive learning environment for students. It is hoped that Catholic School Councils will build upon the successes of those volunteers who have come before them who have supported the Catholic Schools in Dufferin-Peel for several years.

The purpose of a Catholic School Council is, through the active participation of parents, to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

The Catholic School Council's primary means of achieving its purpose is by making recommendations in accordance with the policy and regulation, to the principal of the school and to the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

Please consider becoming involved in this year's School Council. It is very important to have as many parents involved as possible so that we can work together to make our school a better place to grow and learn.

 J. Lav​​alle - Principal

R. Orofiamma- Vice Principal​

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